A journey into the future of public transport

Gothenburg's ElectriCity project is developing public transport using renewable energy.

Together with others, including the City of Gothenburg, Cybercom is developing the ElectriCity project – an exciting collaboration in which science and the public sector are developing new solutions for the sustainable public transport of tomorrow.

ElectriCity is an arena for the testing of new products and services in public transport, intended to act as a source of inspiration for future city development. The new number 55 bus route is operated using quiet, emission-free buses that pick up passengers inside the terminal stations and are powered by renewable electricity.

Together with its partners, Cybercom has developed the project's IT environment. The IT environment provides users of public transport with access to entirely new services and information from the vehicles.

During an innovation competition held in 2015, it was possible to download data from the entire western traffic region so that participating teams could build applications to further improve public transport. The system also includes plans for a car pool and a bicycle pool.

ElectriCity has won awards including The European Solar Prize 2015 in the Transport and Mobility category. The motivation was "Exemplary supply of public transport with renewable energy as part of a cooperation between city, industry and science".

Goal 13: Climate action. 

Goal 13: Climate action. The goal is to take immediate action to fight climate change and its consequences. Innovation Zone’s AI solution is helping to raise awareness of energy use and encouraging changes in behaviour.


Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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