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AI comes home with Fortum

The energy industry is challenged by four megatrends, climate change and resources; urbanization; new technology including digitalization and active customers. These trends will have big impact on how energy is produced, distributed, sold and consumed.


The challenge in this hackathon was to explore new AI assisted services for customers´ homes. An AI assistant such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, was a mandatory component of the solution. Apart from the AI assistant any other “smart” home device, function or data could be integrated as well, such as locks, light, security, temperature, energy consumption etc. A solution, demonstration and presentation was to be done within the two days of the hackathon.


Our solution leveraged the detailed data of the consumers individual power consumption and used this data to give personalized advice and action. These advice and actions are channeled through an AI assistant. We used Google Home in our demo which we programmed using Dialogflow.

The rationale for this solution was our belief that many people would like to live more sustainable lives but don’t know which action that are most efficient for them.


Our solution was chosen as one of two winners. The effect is that Fortum will continue to explore AI assistants as a tool to help their customers live greener lives. By broadening their offer with these and similar services Fortum will help in driving change towards a cleaner world and increase the value given to their customers, which will be steps in maintaining their long-term competitiveness and meeting the coming consumer demands.

Goal 13: Climate action. 

Goal 13: Climate action. The goal is to take immediate action to fight climate change and its consequences. Innovation Zone’s AI solution is helping to raise awareness of energy use and encouraging changes in behaviour.


Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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