Augmented reality (AR) app helps kids feel better

Leslie Alfredsson got the idea for her company MyEsteeme when she noticed that her six-year-old niece was terribly worried about her appearance and wanted to wear makeup.

MyEsteeme began to develop various toys and educational tools to strengthen children’s self-esteem. The idea is for the products to also be used in exercises to promote diversity and equal treatment, principles that are included in the Swedish national preschool curriculum, for example.

The Cybercom Innovation Zone came into contact with MyEsteeme through collaboration with the MINC incubator in Malmö, Sweden. At that point, MyEsteeme was looking to expand its offering by becoming more digital. With Cybercom’s help, they launched their first AR-based mobile and edutainment app for schools in the autumn of 2018. The Cybercom team was made up largely of university students and several of them later went to work for Cybercom. The goal is for the new app to be the first of many tools that help kids and their parents play, learn and feel good together.

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being.

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being. The goal is to ensure that everyone can live a healthy life and to promote the well-being of people of all ages.


Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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