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AWS services for the Finnish National Agency for Education

The Finnish National Agency for Education has consolidated most of the country’s university programmes under one umbrella and has enabled students to apply via its website at Opintopolku.fi, running fully on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The aggregated digital solution makes the application process more fluid for students, and increases the chances that young people will go on to higher education. The solution was developed by the Finnish National Agency for Education in partnership with Cybercom, which is also in charge of maintaining the site.

“During the development phase, we integrated a number of application services that were previously independent of one another. This simplifies the application procedure for students and substantially reduces maintenance costs”

Laila Puranen, Application Manager at the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Using Opintopolku.fi, applicants will also be able to apply for financial aid from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland during the same process, thus further streamlining the application process.

Saku Haarala at Cybercom Finland is Client Manager for Finnish National Agency for Education.

“In addition to improving the application procedure, we foresee a major positive impact on the environment by reducing traditional post and paper used for application documents and admission decisions”

Saku Haarala.

Goal 4: Quality education. 

Goal 4: Quality education. The goal is aimed at ensuring inclusive, equal and high-quality education and to promote life-long learning for everyone. The Swedish Media Council contributes to both education and democratisation by increasing awareness of media among children and youth.


Jussi Siuro

Sales Executive, Finland

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