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AWS Snowball

Large data transfers used to be slow, unefficient and unsafe. Since the rise of the cloud platforms, the transfers have become notably faster and safer, and after Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched their mobile AWS Snowball External link, opens in new window. data transfer device, it became even easier to move data to the cloud - even on the go.

That was also the case when a hugely ambitious project "In the Search of the Perfect Sweat", a documentary series about sweatbath cultures all over the world, took off. Video shooting took place in several locations all over the world, and no professional actors were used in the project. Hours and hours of video material was shooted, and it goes without saying, that the preservation of the data was vital in order for the project to be succesful.

The risk in this case was, that if we loose this material, there is no way we can go back

Mikkel Aaland, the host and author of the series.

To make sure that not a single byte gets lost, the film crew contacted Cybercom and our professionals suggested the usage of AWS Snowball. Snowball is an important part of cloud migration processes, with which our cloud experts work on a daily basis - so thanks to their experience on the field, the device was found very useful on a case like this as well.

Raw video material was transferred to AWS Cloud via Snowball. This safe and cost-efficient way ensured that the material was there for the editors to utilize whenever they needed, finally resulting in inspiring documentary episodes encouraging people to spend more time with each other, to relax and, moreover, to do like their ancestors did - sweat.

Watch the video on youtube. External link, opens in new window.

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Jussi Siuro

Sales Executive, Finland

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