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Cloud services have a major role in Suomi.fi connection architecture - case HSY

With Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY), we developed the Suomi.fi connection architecture, which enables the adoption of the Suomi.fi services and integration into the users' electronic transaction services. The architecture for connecting to Suomi.fi services strongly relies on cloud platforms. The most important are the Microsoft Azure cloud services and the Cybercom Cloud service.

HSY and Cybercom jointly planned a solution for connecting to Suomi.fi services, and have now taken the next step by implementing a usage based cloud service. The managed services were launched at the beginning of 2017.

Passionate Support for Azure

The service runs mainly on the cloud platforms, and it is covered by Cybercom's monitoring and support services. The Passionate Support for Azure service includes 24/7 on-call services, infrastructure and architecture design services of Azure environments, and implementation. Furthermore, Cybercom is also responsible for ensuring that HSY's connection architecture remains compatible with Suomi.fi services.

The development project was transitioned into a continuous service through a transition project where all development project information was transferred to the operations team. At the same time, the monitoring and management services referred to in the service agreement, as well as other service operations, were also activated.

The aim of the technology architecture was to utilise cloud services and create a flexible architecture to which new cloud services could be easily connected, while increasing the efficiency of the customer's infrastructure services in the background.

Possibilities of cloud-based architecture

Together with HSY, Cybercom launched a service development roadmap in compliance with the KaPA Act. This helped the customer obtain valuable information for their upcoming development projects with respect to the impacts of the adoption of Suomi.fi services on the organisation's information systems and services. The adoption of a cloud-based architecture brings along special features and possibilities that can now be identified and utilised during the development project as well as in the live services.

What is the KaPA Act?

The so-called KaPA Act came into force in Finland in 2016. Its official name is Act on Shared Administrative Support Services for Electronic Transactions (571/2016). The aim of the Act is to improve the availability, quality, information security, interoperability and control of public services, as well as to promote the efficiency and functionality of public administration.

As defined by law, HSY performs the function of offering water and wastewater management services to the residents of the Capital Region. At the same time, they are required by the KaPA Act to adopt Suomi.fi services, to work in close cooperation with their stakeholders and partners, and to offer better services to their customers.

Cybercom is an expert in Suomi.fi services

Cybercom has participated in the development of KaPA and of the connection to Suomi.fi services since the beginning. Moreover, Cybercom's strong expertise in planning solutions that utilise cloud platforms, in development tasks and in monitoring and support services for live controlled cloud services has played a major role in the customer's partner selection process.

HSY has trusted Cybercom's expertise. Our cooperation began with development operations, after which we focused on cloud-based services. And we continue to work together. With the help of Cybercom, HSY was among the first to develop a service offering that effectively utilises Suomi.fi services.


Juha Markkanen

VP Sales and Marketing

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