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Consafe Logistics selects Cybercom as preferred cloud partner, begins cloud migrations of warehouse management solution

With more than 500 customer sites across 30 countries, Nordic-based Consafe Logistics External link, opens in new window. is a leading European supplier of warehouse management solutions, helping organizations meet the high demands of today’s warehouse operations.

The cooperation has been excellent, with the Cybercom team being service-minded and supporting us really well through our cloud migration journey together.

Patrik Olsson, Chief Product Officer at Consafe Logistics

Since 1978, Consafe Logistics has offered customers on-premise, controlling and monitoring management solutions for their warehouses. However, in recent years, they have witnessed a change with many suppliers moving to SaaS solutions, from their transport management systems to essential software platforms.

Consafe Logistics saw an opportunity to offer their warehouse management systems application as a SaaS solution already several years back but quickly realized their customers weren’t yet ready.

“We saw where the industry was heading already in 2016, Still, we also recognized that at this time, our customers were not ready for the fundamental and cultural shift that’s required of a SaaS solution. Today our customers have transformed their organizations and are expecting us to support their need for a SaaS-based solution,” says Patrik Olsson, Chief Product Officer at Consafe Logistics.

Consafe Logistics wanted to expand on earlier Cybercom partnerships

Fast forward several years later and the shift has clearly arrived for warehouses around the globe.

Having partnered with Cybercom on IT projects successfully in the past, in 2019 Consafe Logistics had approached Cybercom as they saw an opportunity to increase their cooperation and benefit from their innovative cloud expertise. Consafe Logistics needed a reliable multi-cloud solution partner to implement and scale their public cloud environment from the bottom up, including cloud monitoring and support.

Together, Cybercom and Consafe Logistics optimize each environment and propose the best approach for each customer, based on Consafe's knowledge of the application and with Cybercom’s knowledge of the infrastructure.

"Cybercom brings the infrastructure expertise, and we bring our in-depth warehouse application knowledge," says Patrik. "Together, we create an optimal environment for a cloud-based warehouse management solution that we can offer to our customers. To put it simply, this is why we chose to work with a partner like Cybercom.”

Today, Cybercom is providing Consafe Logistics with AWS Well-Architected Services, AWS Managed Services, and service management for their warehouse management platforms running on AWS.

As Consafe Logistics' warehouse management solution is migrated to the cloud for more of their customers in the months ahead, Cybercom's background and expertise with other major cloud providers will also play a critical role in those migrations and for post-migration services and support.

Cybercom plays a leading role in support with Managed Services

While Consafe Logistics has their own customer control and support teams, they also realize the extensive value and convenience that come with having Cybercom as their exclusive AWS partner. Cybercom delivers AWS certified expertise and capabilities to handle Consafe Logistics’ unique platform year-round, 24-hours a day.

As one of their monitoring and support solutions, Cybercom have connected their platform support with Consafe Logistics’ own customer support, allowing them to sync with one another.

“When an issue is flagged from any of Consafe Logistics’ customers where something isn’t working, Consafe Logistics can put a request into our Cybercom system, where our AWS cloud experts are then able to immediately respond and resolve the issue,” says Magnus Karlsson, Cloud Sales Executive at Cybercom.

As a part of this work, Cybercom is providing a monitoring system that can activate notification alarms into the platform infrastructure.

Consafe Logistics’ customers realizing the benefits of Cloud

Backed by the expertise, know-how and support of Cybercom’s certified cloud experts, Consafe Logistics’ warehouse management solution is now delivering more reliable, smart solutions than ever to their customers around the world.

Not only are Consafe Logistics customers realizing the benefits of more guaranteed availability and scalability, but they are also able to take advantage of lower initial investments and in many cases, lower operational costs.

“It’s a real strategic decision for customers with logistics and warehouse operations to make if they want to purchase a SaaS solution, rather than manage an in-house solution themselves,” says Patrik.

From setting up Consafe Logistics’ public cloud environment with seamless availability and a prioritization on an extremely high level of security, Cybercom is helping to enable them to offer their customers a competitive advantage.

“With Cybercom here to support us, we at Consafe Logistics are able to take on a larger responsibility to our customers, with their information, knowing that Cybercom has all of the necessary security certifications and tools that allow us to keep our customers’ information safe, backed by the highest levels of cloud security,” Patrik adds.

A smooth partnership between Consafe Logistics and Cybercom that continues to grow

While the partnership has brought a significant transformation for Consafe Logistics, going from being exclusively a software vendor and supplier of yesterday to today offering their software through the efficiencies offered by the cloud, working with Cybercom as their exclusive public cloud partner has gone smooth.

“The cooperation has been excellent, with the Cybercom team being service-minded and supporting us really well through our cloud journey together,” says Patrik. “We take pride in the very high standards when it comes to the requirements of our customers, from bandwidth to up-time to security.”

With so many moving parts and connections involved with a warehouse management company, Consafe Logistics’ demanding cloud requirements mean that Cybercom is even more well-positioned than before when it comes to supporting a range of global enterprises.

“Consafe Logistics helps us to become even better at what we do and have steadily improved public cloud services and our information flow to customers,” says Magnus. “At Cybercom, we appreciate the level of questions and requests they ask of us, which allow us to improve, evolve and make changes for the better,” he adds.

With only a handful of Consafe Logistics’ global enterprise customers having been onboarded to AWS as of early 2021, their renewed partnership and cloud journey has just begun.


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Jussi Siuro

Sales Executive, Finland

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Magnus Karlsson

Sales Executive, Sweden

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