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Cybercom has created a user-centric intranet for University of Gävle

University of Gävle (HIG) – close collaboration from preliminary study to launch resulted in a very popular user-centric intranet.

“Together with Cybercom we have created a new intranet for University of Gävle. Cybercom has helped us through the whole process, from idea and sketch to finished intranet and launch. The goal was to get a more social and vibrant intranet. The developing work has been agile and user-centered. Cybercom has always been responsive to our needs and in a safe and time-effective way, helped us reach our goal. Now we have a modern intranet that invites to social interaction."

Veronica Liljeroth from University of Gävle.


Univeristy of Gävle (HIG) consists of three academies; Academy of health and work, Academy of technology and environment, Academy of economy and education and also a joint department for central administration. The school has approximately 16 000 students and 700 employees.

The school needed an intranet that stimulated collaboration. The old one’s complicated structure and numerous pages with double posted content made clear the need for a logical, user- and editor- friendly structure.

General project goals:

  • Modern
  • Target group adapted
  • User-friendly

Preliminary study

Thanks to a new user survey and access to statistics from the old intranet we did a preliminary study in close collaboration with the project group from the University. Workshops were focused on the user experience journey and the project goals resulted in a prototype that was iterated both within the project group and by a group of real users that tested and reviewed the prototype.


In close collaboration with HIG, Cybercom developed the intranet based on the CMS Sitevision, an intranet based on social collaboration. The intranet has great possibilities for personalization with optional modules that can be moved and sorted according to the users own taste. Intelligent editor modules facilitate the work of the intranet editors. To make it easier for the user, Cybercom implemented a smart search function and a clear menu system so the users quickly find what they are looking for. Together with HIG, Cybercom also produced an intro video and a tutorial quiz for all users for the launch.


The intranet has, thanks to a smarter structure, reduced the number of web pages with approximately 300 pages. In a short period of time, the engagement and collaboration have increased both in the organization and on the new intranet. Overall, the new intranet was very well-received by the whole organization.


Johan Stenborg

Business Manager

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