Cybercom safeguards Coop MedMera Bank's online services

Coop MedMera Bank was looking for a solution capable of managing customer logins and authentication using several different methods via a single login procedure. After searching the market, they selected Cybercom’s proprietarily developed IdentityHub service.

IdentityHub is a unified platform built on the concept of identity federations. The service manages various login methods, and connects user catalogues and applications or cloud services. The service offers the “one user, one login” feature, known as Single Sign-On. Having a single login platform for all applications and services creates considerable flexibility and results in lower costs for companies.

IdentityHub supports a large variety of different authentication methods, including Bank-id and Mobile Bank-id, one-time text message passwords, professional identity cards, HW tokens, 3DSecure for debit-card payments and federated login.

There is vast potential in customised applications in which the user has a secure digital identity. Two-factor authentication was previously technically complicated, but IdentityHub’s use of the federation principle and open standards creates new opportunities.

CLOUDeID is the cloud version of IdentityHub. There are several advantages to hosting services in the cloud. It is easier to get started and easier to update the services. Meanwhile, the solution still delivers on the operation’s requirements concerning digitalisation and maintaining security. We are increasingly noting that customers do not want to maintain the services themselves – only offer them – in which case we opt to locate this type of solution in the cloud.

"We have worked in intense and close cooperation with Cybercom in the past year, and I consider them a valuable partner. They are flexible and reliable, and they solve our problems swiftly."

Carita Weiss, CIO MedMera Bank

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth. The goal is aimed at inclusive and sustainable economic growth and full and productive employment with decent working conditions for everyone. Solutions like Skanska’s helmet make the work environment safer and more secure for construction workers.


Robin von Post

Head of IAM Solutions

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