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CyberStairs Challenge

In this project our challenge was mostly to promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging taking the stairs instead of the elevator.


Since Cybercom Innovation Zone team engages proactively in developing prototypes around emerging technologies we chose to build the prototype using LoRa wireless, technology that is targeted for M2M and IoT long range and low power consumption networks.


The solution was to start a competition where people could identify themselves with an RFID badge and collect extra points for using the stairs. The solution had to be digital in order to be effective so that Innovation Zone team designed and printed two 3D-boxes and package inside all the required electronics to build a checkpoint station running LoRa protocol. One box was placed at the bottom of the stairs and one was placed at the top so that every user could be measured to know how many times they were taking the stairs and how fast they were.

Cybercom CyberStairs challenge


Our solution resulted in healthier habits, thanks to the competition the stairs now have become more fun to use than the elevator. Every user can keep track of how many times they used the stairs and how long time it took them. Innovation Zone Gothenburg managed therefore to build a quick prototype which shows LoRa’s potential combined with our expertise in front-end and back-end development. Within this project, we contributed to The Things Network with the first up and running LoRa gateway in Sweden.

Cybercom CyberStairs challenge leader board

Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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