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Driving Simulator

Cybercom developed a driving simulator that puts a stroke patient in a life-like driving situation.


Assessing if a stroke patient still can drive safely can be a complex, costly and imprecise process. Aspects such as ability to focus, peripheral vision, reaction times and eye-hand coordination all needs to be evaluated and condensed into a final ruling. The doctor performs examinations and uses an array of different tools to measure various abilities, but in the end it is down to the doctors personal judgement.

Making an incorrect judgement can have grave consequences, from serious injuries or even deaths on one end and a severe limitation for the patients professional and daily life on the other.


Our solution was to develop a driving simulator that puts the patient in a life-like driving situation while providing certain stimulus and measuring the patient’s ability to react timely and accurately without compromising their driving. The simulator calculates and provides several test results that can be directly compared to other patients.


Clinical Trials have been conducted and a total of 120 stroke patients participated in the tests and another 120 non-stroke patients have been used as a control group. Preliminary findings indicate a strong correlation between Cybersim and the current leading tool with the possibility that Cybersim can provide additional, relevant data since it measures more aspects of the driving.

The clinical trials of Cybersim also provided some valuable feedback on how to improve the product. Innovation Zone therefore started work on a second version, based on an improved framework and a revised specification, early 2017.

The second version has modifications and improvements that makes it more suitable for wider deployment in the medical sector and is currently being evaluated in Linköping.

Watch the clip from TV4 news (Swedish):
https://www.tv4play.se/program/nyheterna/3927063 External link, opens in new window.


Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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