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Hungry Birds at Universeum – an internet of things (IoT) story

Universeum External link, opens in new window. is Scandinavia’s most visited science center and one of the biggest tourist attractions is Sweden. With a mission of fueling young mind’s curiosity with knowledge in science, technology and mathematics, they came to Cybercom with a challenge to bring their well known rain forest and tropical ecosystem into the age of Internet of Things (IoT).

“IoT is the future for Universeum and the society we operate in. We searched a trusted partner in this area and Cybercom was our choice. We believe in innovative solutions and Cybercom’s Innovation Zone proved that they had the expertise and creative mind to put IoT into production in our environment,”

says Håkan Sigurdsson, Project Leader Universeum.


Managing and growing a tropical indoor forest in the center of Gothenburg is just as hard as it sounds. How do you ensure animals are treated in a good way and how do you minimize ecosystem impact while maximizing the experience of the visitors? Cybercom was tasked to figure out how to solve a very specific challenge – how do you keep track of the well being and status of Universeum’s flock of rare and endangered birds?


Every bird needs to eat which means that they regularly visit the feeding stations spread around the rain forest. By equipping every bird with RFID tags and adding sensors to the feeding stations Universeum can monitor feeding patterns of their birds in a non-immersive way. A nice side effect of this is that Universeum can present digitized information about the flock to visitors can to enhance their experience.

Cybercom’s solution, which we call Project Hungry Birds, was to integrate the Trovan RFID tags system with Cybercom’s Managed Cloud Service to store and present data in a secure way. Our cloud and Internet security specialists built an application that is both secure and accessible from public networks.


Cybercom’s experience turned out to be crucial for Univeseum’s move into IoT. Our contribution is a key part of the rain forest daily maintenance, removing the time consuming task of manual counting and observations of the birds. On top of that it enhances visitor’s experience by giving them access to cutting-edge innovative solutions.

See the film about the project:


Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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