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Innovation lab as an accelerator in the public sector

The Innovation Lab at Kronofogden (the Swedish Enforcement Authority) chose Cybercom as a partner to create a work process to develop ideas coming from the organization and to introduce ways of working with innovation.


Kronofogden as an organization is used to work with incremental innovation and continuous improvement but does not have processes to work with radical innovation which challenges the way things are done and the exploration of new technologies. Furthermore, the employees are not exposed to innovation methodology which moves an idea fast into a prototype or MVP.


Cybercom supported Kronofogden in building its Innovation lab on both a tactical as well as operational level in order to handle more radical innovation practices. This means ways of working, positioning the lab as a thought leader for innovation through lectures and pop-ups as well as introducing a way of working which differs significantly from current work practices. For example, conducting Hackathons for the whole organization as a way to inspire and collect ideas from the organization. The technical development team worked in close collaboration with the Kronfogden employees which also gave a good opportunity to transfer best practices for innovation work to Kronofogden.


“It’s been valuable to have Cybercom supporting the build-up of Innovation lab ways of working. They enabled a faster pace than the rest of the organization, both technology-wise, but also how we take ideas forward in short sprints. Cybercom are eager to understand the need, used to work with uncertainty, and delivers value on a weekly basis. And at the same time involving the target group in a good way.”

Nicklas Burman, Innovation manager, Kronofogden

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Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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