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Innovation Zone and Fortum hacking for sustainable energy

Fortum is continuing to develop tools for greener energy in the home and sustainable living, based partly on Cybercom’s AI solution with AI assistance and voice interface. Google Home is being used in the tests.

Fortum’s 48-hour hackathon AI Comes Home was based on exploring AI services for consumers’ homes. The Innovation Zone team started with the idea that most people want to live sustainably, but often don’t know what to do. The team used detailed information about the household’s electricity consumption to give personalised advice and recommended actions through an AI assistant. Cybercom’s solution was selected as one of two winners and Fortum is continuing to study AI assistance as a sustainable lifestyle tool.

Goal 13: Climate action. 

Goal 13: Climate action. The goal is to take immediate action to fight climate change and its consequences. Innovation Zone’s AI solution is helping to raise awareness of energy use and encouraging changes in behaviour.


Irfan Khalid

Head of Innovation Cybercom Group

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