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Paulig's agile cloud management model serves rapidly changing business needs

The largest coffee house and major food organisation in Finland, Paulig, adopted a cloud management model that enables business development at the pace required by the digital society. The cloud management model provided by Cybercom provides clear rules for operating in the cloud, above all in a secure, agile and business-like manner. With the redesigned cloud environment, Paulig can develop new services to be more customer-friendly, modernise its existing services and strengthen its responsible business processes.

The cloud transition was built well into the future with a holistic approach

The rapidly digitalising world has created challenges for Paulig's IT environment to meet the changing business needs, which previous solutions have not been able to address effectively. The operations of a large organisation such as Paulig include a wide range of improvement areas of services and systems. When the business environments include factory ERP systems, migrating traditional data centres to the cloud, and invoice processing processes, the requirements for cloud solutions are multi-level.

It is extremely important for a multi business-environment group to secure the life cycle of IT systems and to accelerate the implementation of new system changes and the building of services. Migrating from legacy systems to the cloud means, above all, reinforcing competitive advantage in an agile and secure way.

With Cybercom's turnkey cloud management model, Paulig got a solid foundation for its cloud journey far ahead. At the heart of the cloud environment is the provision of solutions to grow business through a predefined management model.

With the redesigned cloud environment, Paulig can develop new services to be more customer-friendly, modernise its existing services and strengthen its responsible business processes

The strategic cloud transition secures capacity for new launches and service development

Cybercom's cloud architecture expertise allowed for the large cloud transition to be carried out so that it was seamlessly suited to business growth needs. The automated and scalable cloud management model has given Paulig the lever to react quickly when, for example, a new service needs to be launched fast.

The cloud transformation was based on Cybercom's strategic planning, including infrastructure and architectural design and implementation of Azure environments. Creating a robust strategic foundation was essential for making the cloud transition as controlled as possible far into the future.

As expected, the biggest strategic changes related to the migration of legacy production systems to Microsoft Azure. Cybercom's serverless technology and Platform as a Service helped reduce unnecessary service loads thanks to their scalability and automation.

Pay-as-you-go pricing for services, in turn, provided a clear cost structure. It made pricing for cloud services transparent, for example, and they could be locked in at a fixed price for months to come.

Cybercom's role in Paulig's cloud transition was not limited to being the implementer, as Cybercom is the easily accessible partner responsible for the security of the cloud transition. Cybercom's Passionate Support for Azure service provides maintenance and support for cloud management questions. Paulig has 24/7 access to Azure-certified cloud environment experts.

Sustainable business brings the cloud journey partners together

Migrating legacy systems to the cloud was an unprecedented reform for Paulig, with a successful partnership producing lasting results. It was essential for Paulig to find an implementer that would clarify the understanding of the cloud and help build related services in concrete terms.

There is also a strong common value base for promoting sustainable development, with both Paulig and Cybercom committed to UN's sustainable development goals.

Paulig Group is committed to the principles of sustainable development in terms of people, the environment and productivity. Paulig wants to promote sustainable development throughout its international value chain, for example in the sourcing of raw materials. That is why the cloud management model also required capabilities to maintain and develop responsible business processes with even greater determination.

Cybercom evaluates each client project against UN's sustainable development goals. At the heart of all its services is the desire to implement solutions that are sustainable for the client long into the future and that allow optimisation of energy savings and sustainable use of resources and physical materials, for example.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production. The goal is aimed at ensuring sustainable production and consumption patterns.

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Jussi Siuro

Sales Executive, Finland

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