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SAS – quarterly external vulnerability scannings

Cybercom is an Approved Scanning Vendor ASV according to the PCI DSS regulations.


Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) needed to perform quarterly external vulnerability scannings by an Approved Scanning Vendor ASV according to the PCI DSS regulations related to secure credit card operation.


Cybercom is an approved ASV vendor and has performed such scanning’s for SAS over many years. On top of delivering identified vulnerabilities they are classified in terms of seriousness and suitable countermeasures were suggested.

Cybercom further contributed in a dialogue to the analysis and solution process, to speed up necessary actions.


Magnus Clarving, SAS IT Security Director, reflects

“The scannings have been a valuable tool to further improve our high level of security. Vulnerabilities change over time and it has been very valuable to have a continuous program to monitor this”.


Mikael Sundberg

Sales Manager Security, Cybercom Sweden

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