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The pioneer of public administration

The Finnish public administration is a pioneer in fully digital communication between citizens and public services. It has introduced the Suomi.fi service, a communication tool that replaces traditional mail sent by municipalities via the post office.

Not only has the solution saved money, but it has had a significant impact on the environment by reducing the use of paper and carbon footprint. But most importantly, it has brought significant value to Finnish citizens as it has speeded up communication and people can access all their messages at any time, without the risk of losing paper copies.

Cybercom has been in charge of the development and deployment of the Suomi.fi mobile application. Suomi.fi mobile provides safe digital messaging between public sector organisations and Finnish citizens and is part of the Suomi.fi-services platform that forms the national architecture for digital services in Finland. The Suomi.fi-mobile can be downloaded onto any IOS or Android mobile device and enables citizens to receive decisions, notifications, push messages and other important official messages directly.

Cybercom’s development team has done excellent work in providing one of the key solutions for the Suomi.fi-platform and can be highly recommended for any demanding mobile development projects nationally or internationally.

Jani Ruuskanen, Chief Senior SpecialistHead of Suomi.fi-services platform Digital and Population Data Services Agency (a.k.a. Finnish Digital Agency)


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