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Five reasons why virtual workshops are the new black in high-performing business meetings

Published: 2020-09-07

Virtual workshops are a business-friendly way to create genuine enthusiasm and interaction as the world leans more and more towards digital solutions.

Virtual workshops are a business-friendly way to create genuine enthusiasm and interaction as the world leans more and more towards digital solutions.

In 2020, the world has taken a major digital step that emphasises remote work. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of online interaction in business environments has grown more significant than ever before.

Virtual workshops are not particularly a new thing, but their importance is a lot more significant now. Virtual workshops create more ideas, enthusiasm, and committed participants. The benefits are equal, whether the workshop is about road mapping, project development, or project updating.

1. Participation can be equal from any part of the world

Virtual workshops are a powerful way to gather people from different backgrounds effectively. The time consumed in travelling have cut out, and everybody has the same means to attend and interact. One of the main benefits of the virtual workshops is that multicultural and multinational workshops are convenient to organise online.

When people gather online, the role of the facilitator will have a significant impact on a successful virtual workshop. Remote workshops mean that new ways to create a relaxed atmosphere despite the physical distance will arise. It is essential that everybody got their turn in the workshop and that technologic questions won't slow down the start of the workshop.

2. Virtual workshops are a powerful way to create out-of-the-box thinking

Virtual workshops help people express their creativity. The content of the workshop is a different set from that of the ordinary working life, and an inspiring environment encourages participants to bring out their ideas without additional filters.

The role of the professional facilitator in virtual workshops is crucial as he or she is the one to stimulate and urge direct interaction between the participants.

When people genuinely participate, they come up with new creative ideas and share their thoughts. When the participants leave the space with smiles on their faces, we know we have succeeded in making valuable interactions.

3. Virtual workshops create new openings for business-oriented innovations

You can create multiple opportunities for business needs, when people from different positions, backgrounds, and organisations gather in remote workshops.

In workshops, one can gather ideas, accelerate projects or product launches, receive feedback, and build networks. There are various possibilities for virtual workshops operate in different business models and project stages.

Especially the benefits of having the clients of a client in our virtual workshops are diverse. By providing an environment to the organisations grants them an opportunity to interact with their customers and receive feedback that would otherwise be left unsaid without Cybercom as an intermediate.

4. Well-structured online workshops are high-performing meetings

At Cybercom, we always design the workshop to respond to our client's current needs and goals. We prepare the methods and content of the workshop, according to the participants. Thus, each workshop is unique from one another.

But even though the meeting is online, efficient human interaction is at the core of it all. The interaction between attendees in face-to-face-meetings is valuable, and we always aim for that same atmosphere in all of our virtual workshops.

Also, sharing the results and documentation of the workshop is more productive with online tools. The handwritten post-it-notes collections after the workshops replaced by useful data visualising and sharing tools. That will have a significant impact on time management both for the participants and facilitators.

5. Virtual workshops are here to stay - Resilience is the key for rooting them in workplaces

As we live with temporary social distancing restrictions, one may have the temptation to think that virtual solutions are also alike. That will not be the case with virtual workshops, for they have proved their absolute value in the business environment.

When there is trust between the participants, virtual workshops will be considered the standard to share ideas and generate new beginnings.

Lastly, it is essential to bear in mind that resilience is the key to succeeding in virtual workshops. They may be a new working method as of now. Still, many will witness that virtual workshops can be more effective than previous working habits.

Even when society eases social distancing rules, virtual workshops will continue to be the new norm.

We utilize virtual workshops in our design and research services. For example, in Data Driven Business Design Opens in new window. services to help you to discover the business value of your data journey. And get in touch to find out more about how we can help you!

Minna Lumiluoto, Cybercom 

Posted by: Minna Lumiluoto

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