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Digital Sustainability - The Start

Published: 2020-09-30

My journey around the topic sustainability started over 20 years ago when I took a class in Environmental Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). It was certainly only a basic course, but the content included the theory that human behavior creates the global warming but we also discussed different dilemmas and back then there were researches who claimed that the theory that humanity contributes to the warming was a major scam.

While many of my classmates chose to dive deep in the subject of environmental engineering and sustainability, I chose to immerse myself in IT and Management. I landed like many others at the end of the 90´ in an American Management firm. Since then and for the last 20 years I have been working as an IT & Management consultant leading and participating in various digital transformation programs in industries like Automotive, Professional Services, Retail and Constructions.

In IT, I started as developer coding different websites, ecommerce solutions and integration platforms. I continued my journey as a project manager and have been leading transformation programs in everything from CRM, ERP-solutions to Innovation apps. I have had different leadership roles over many years and I truly believe in walking the talk and leading by example. Today I work as Head of Business Transformation & Offerings and I would consider myself skilled within IT, Leadership and Sales.

Luckily, I have been part of many high performing teams and have learned that tools like feedback and reflection can make the difference that really counts and creates leverage. Last but not the least, in sales I have proven to be an energic marathoner with a high ambition to really help others

The sustainability penny dropped – “it’s not enough!”

“My point is that I don´t see that you can treat sustainability as an isolated topic and report your work in a sustainability report anymore”

Until a few years ago recently it has been hard for me to articulate a value proposition to clients helping them become more sustainable and to become net-positive. But then the “The sustainability penny dropped” and it basically means that I finally got it. Why is that? I suppose one thing is that the offerings my previous jobs have had didn´t really address this topic like we do it in Cybercom. A second is knowledge of course. Today I can see myself skilled with a value proposition for digital sustainability External link, opens in new window..

One saying I often use is ”...There is no digital business anymore. Any business must be digital...” and I really believe the same is true for sustainability. My point is that I don´t see that you can treat sustainability as an isolated topic and report your work in a sustainability report anymore. Basically, it’s not enough! Today, you need to integrate climate in your overall strategy operations and for that I recommend you have three things in place. I have borrowed these recommendations from our white paper: How to integrate climate into your digital transformation strategies – a look into the future of technology deployment. External link.

If you’ve read it, you’re already familiar with them. One and two is about 1) create a joint understanding of why, and 2) Form a cross-functional team to answer what.

The opportunity is huge of course and if you want to be a real front runner and go for “The next practice” instead of “The best practice” you better formulate a clear strategy, invest in key individuals and groups both from a bottom-up and top-down perspective because like in all other change program the biggest obstacle is people reluctance to change.

But how do you go for “The next practice”? you may ask.

Well, if you don’t know how, you should get some help from professionals. A cross-functional team, with some help from professional expertise, should be able to identify, quantify and prioritise gaps that need to be addressed from both a business efficiency and business design perspective – that is if they have the right methodology to do so.

For you to capture the opportunities and mitigate the risks with digital transformation I recommend you use a credible methodology based on science External link, opens in new window..


Posted by: Andreas Carlberg

Digital Sustainability

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