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Cloud Driven Services business unit offers varied roles for cloud service experts

Published: 2021-06-24

Cybercom’s Cloud Driven Services business can build the future on a strong cloud expertise. The highest levels of collaboration with AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services, a rapidly evolving partnership with Google Cloud, and a large number of skilled and highly certified experts enable the business unit to continue to grow. There are a wide variety of levels and roles of expertise available in cloud services.

Niina Känsälä is the new Head of Cloud Driven Services and a member of Cybercom Finland's management team since 1st April 2021. She has previously worked as a cloud services team leader and as a customer manager for several significant customers, and sees the unit’s future as very promising.

"Services are to be modernised and digitalised to an accelerating extent and the role of cloud services as enabling our customers' business is becoming increasingly important, both business-wise and socially. By combining our cloud, data and software development expertise, we can fully understand the needs of our customers and deliver significant value to their business with modern and sustainable solutions regardless of the stage of the cloud journey. By following the latest technological trends, we can ensure that our customers' cloud solutions are productive and sustainable in the future as well."

Cloud is perfect for those who see the big picture

Working with the cloud is especially suitable for someone who wants to be involved in making complete, up-to-date solutions. It doesn't hurt if one is excited about the latest technologies and interested in testing new solutions coming to market.

"Many still have the mental image of connecting wires to servers in a data center, and then they think of cloud services as the next level of abstraction for the same thing. The platform and the cloud side are, in a way, the deep end of digital services, but it involves much more than infrastructure."

While many working with the cloud have been building computers since childhood and studying a long curriculum of networks and servers traditionally on a school bench, no specific educational background is needed. Cybercom also wants career switchers in order to get new insights.

"When it comes to paths to the cloud, it’s really refreshing that we now have cloud-native people who have never done anything in the traditional pattern. They are used to using cloud-ready PaaS blocks and use them to achieve the desired results. Different backgrounds bring fresh thinking."

Varied roles for different experts

Cybercom has not traditionally sought to point cloud experts to specific molds, but to offer everyone the most appropriate role and development path. Yet on a rough level, job descriptions can be categorized - some master architectures, others are more at home on the implementing side, and others talk about strategies and evangelize the cloud. However, an expert can have many hats on their head, as each Maker is unique. All are united by a holistic view that looks as a whole at how the customer’s needs are best addressed. You can choose the place of work yourself, as long as the teamwork works out roughly in the office hours.


An Advisor is a cloud consultant who always thinks first about what a customer wants to achieve and how they could support their customer’s cloud business. Above all, they have a desire to develop Cybercom’s cloud service offering. The independently working Advisor is always ready to answer the question of why a client should move to the cloud and with what strategy.

Parallel to Advisors are Architects, technology consultants focusing on technology. They have an interest both in maintaining their own skills at a high level and in developing technical solutions. The architect can answer the question of how the client should move to the cloud, what kind of things to do there, and what technologies to use.

The third of the cloud expert roles is a Specialist. Their focus is strongly on implementation and turning visions and diagrams into real world solutions. The Specialist mainly concentrates on two things: customer work and developing their own skills.



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Posted by: Karoliina Heikkinen, Talent Acquisition Finland


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