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How to integrate sustainability into your business strategy part 4 of 5

Published: 2021-07-07

Finally! We’re here, where we shift focus from footprint, reducing our emissions and just doing less bad, to handprint, focusing on opportunities and positive impact.

We have a unique opportunity to use our expertise within connectivity, innovation, and sustainability to provide our clients and the wider society with solutions to the global challenges of our time, while also creating business opportunities for ourselves. Yup, you read it right.

Let me explain. As we see it, our greatest opportunity to make a difference resides in helping others to see the opportunities provided by technology and use technology to develop towards Agenda 2030. When we succeed, our solutions result in a positive footprint that is bigger than the negative impact that our business produces. In this way, we are shifting our focus from internal risks to external opportunities and we even have a process for that which we call Digital sustainability process Opens in new window.

Moving from only focusing on risks (footprint) to focusing on opportunities (handprint) does not sound that hard? What are you waiting for?!

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be that easy for most organisations (and I would not argue it was a paved road for us either) as the obstacle is spelled “Change”. Aaaaand, we’re back again at strategy, targets and tools and some examples on how we create tomorrow’s business.

This is how we create tomorrow's business

  • We integrate sustainability and climate into our business External link, opens in new window.. Once we have done that all our strategic decisions should support the business strategy and that then includes nudging our clients towards a better tomorrow, which means we can increase our handprint. By nudging our clients towards a better tomorrow, we can accelerate our extended positive impact on global sustainability, while also seeing that it is clearly good for our business.
  • Objectives (targets), for example, 80 percent of all our business shall contribute toward sustainability by 2022 and in addition our client satisfaction should increase yearly.
  • To measure our targets we need the right tools. As mentioned above we have our Digital sustainability process as one tool to identify opportunities that delivers on Agenda 2030, and for measuring the success of the target of 80 percent business with sustainability effect we use our customer relationship management (CRM) system where we have built a solution and made it mandatory to code if the business is delivering on any of the Sustainable Development Goals or not. For the client satisfaction target it’s as simple as a yearly survey.

In 2020, 76% of all our business delivered on one or more SDG’s so we are not reaching that target yet. But the client satisfaction index (CSI) in 2020 was record high at 83 points – which is 17 points above the industry average (Kantar) and the clients confirmed they perceive we provide solutions that have positive sustainability impacts for THEIR business.

Learn more in depth about how we create tomorrow’s business Opens in new window.. If you have any input or questions, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn External link, opens in new window..

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About the series how to integrate sustainability into your strategy

In this series we share how we integrated sustainability into our business strategy and every aspect of our company and hopefully it will inspire and serve as an example of how you can do it too. The series is built on fragments from our 2020 Sustainability report.


Posted by: Emil Svensson

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