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How to integrate sustainability into your business strategy part 5 of 5

Published: 2021-07-07

Digitalisation has the power to transform societies for the better. From our point of view, we see that this potential, for various reasons, is underestimated in our society.

We try to use our network and wider sphere of influence to support and accelerate action in line with Agenda 2030 for sustainable development as well as the Paris Climate Agreement – Which is stated in our strategy – so let’s just follow the strategy and do it.

So, what did we do? HOW can we, as a medium sized company, influence our network and society? I would argue that something that helped us a lot was to think in the terms of dare, care and share.

Dare taking the opportunities, not only see them. Care and understand how our solutions affects others in a bigger context. Share what we learn, like this series, and don’t sit on the insights yourself if it could benefit and serve bigger purposes or as inspiration for others to “dare to care”.

This is how we create tomorrow's society

Some examples on how we’re doing this.

  • We saw an opportunity in 2017 as the Swedish government asked the different industries to create fossil free roadmaps on how their industry can contribute to make Sweden climate-neutral by 2045, we noticed that the digitalisation concultancy industry was not represented. We took the lead, coordinated, and mobilized our industry behind a fossil free roadmap External link, opens in new window. which was handed over to the Swedish government in March 2019.
  • We develop and share next practices and during 2020 we were a reviewer of the 1.5°C Business Playbook External link, opens in new window. (read more in part 1), and our ambition is to take an even more active role in this initiative to create next practice in the methodology for full integration of the 1.5°C climate ambition in digitalisation projects and strategies. The intention is to develop an easy-to-use methodology as well as be a front runner and share experiences to inspire and influence further climate action in society. The plan is that the results will be made public with the purpose of scaling it up globally.
  • To help politics, business, and the public sector to understand how Sweden, through digitalisation and innovation, can be rapidly transformed into a fossil-free society with increased competitiveness as a result. We also created a new digital platform digitaliseringskonsulterna.se External link, opens in new window., where we acted as the driving force for the initiative, providing coordination and facilitation.

Learn more in depth about how we create tomorrow’s society. Opens in new window.

That’s it for this blog series! I hope I, at least in some way, simplified and inspired HOW you can integrate sustainability into your business in this series with the examples from our business. Below I summarise some papers/documents which I think could be useful. If you have any input or questions, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn External link, opens in new window..

About the series how to integrate sustainability into your strategy

In this series we share how we integrated sustainability into our business strategy and every aspect of our company and hopefully it will inspire and serve as an example of how you can do it too. The series is built on fragments from our 2020 Sustainability report.


Posted by: Emil Svensson

White paper: How to integrate climate into your digital transformation strategies

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