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Cybercom announces a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services

Published: 2018-09-20

Cybercom announces a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services to leverage the capabilities of the coming AWS Stockholm Region

  • A strategic initiative – “Cybercom AWS Business Group” – focused on AWS, has been created to help mid-market customers in their transition to the cloud. AWS will have dedicated resources to support Cybercom and their customers.
  • Cybercom now has more than 75 AWS certified professionals in the Nordics.
  • The “Cybercom AWS Business Group” will be a catalyst for customers that want to move their workloads into the coming AWS Stockholm Region.

Stockholm, September 20, 2018 – Cybercom, a leading IT consultant company in the Nordics, today announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) External link. to help companies and organizations accelerate their journey to the cloud and boost their digital transformation.

To further drive digital transformation through cloud adoption, Cybercom has created the “Cybercom AWS Business Group” in the Nordics. The group will focus on the mid-market customer segment in both the commercial and public sector. Leveraging AWS best practices, to enable a smooth, fast and successful transition to the cloud for its customers, the “Cybercom AWS Business Group” will use the AWS Well-Architected Framework and AWS recommended best practices for secure and scalable infrastructure to realize the full potential of cloud-based services. AWS will have dedicated resources to support Cybercom and their customers.

The Cybercom AWS Business Group will also be focusing on leverage the benefits of the coming AWS Stockholm Region, delivering low-latency cloud services as well as allowing customers to store their data in the Nordics, overcoming any data sovereignty issues they might have.

Cybercom is an AWS Advanced Partner and has over 75 AWS certified professionals in the Nordics, serving a growing AWS client base in their transition to the cloud. Cybercom is also an official next generation and audited AWS Managed Services Provider and a DevOps Competence Partner.

Raimo Mäenpää, CIO at SOK, a Finnish retailing cooperative organization and a customer of Cybercom, welcomed the initiative to form the “Cybercom AWS Business Group“:

“Cybercom's strong cloud expertise and quality of services have met our expectations from the very start of the collaboration, and we are impressed by their strong and growing local AWS competence. SOK has engaged Cybercom and AWS to work on SOK’s digital strategy to better serve our clients and partners. We are expecting to receive more cloud professionals via the Cybercom AWS Business Group for our cloud platform operations, development of new cloud-native apps, and cloud transition projects of current apps.” says Mr. Mäenpää.

“We are extremely happy to announce the new strategic collaboration and are more than ready to ramp up through Cybercom AWS Business Group. The upcoming launch of new AWS Region will only make this journey even more exciting, and we can’t wait to set in another gear and take cloud into the future,” says Niklas Flyborg, President and CEO, Cybercom.

“We know from experience that a strong local service provider is important to drive innovation and create value for organizations. We are excited to develop and deepen our existing relationship with Cybercom who will be able to enhance the digital transformation of Nordic clients and help them leverage the scalability and range of services that AWS has to offer”, says Guido Bartels, Managing Director, AWS Nordics & Baltics.

“We have over 20 years of experience of hosting services. On top of that, we have been an AWS partner since 2012, which gives us a strong foundation to design, build, migrate and operate many different workloads on AWS. This is all thanks to our great clients and highly motivated AWS professionals", says Tony Hendrell, Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group, Cybercom.

For further information, please contact:

Tony Hendrell, Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group, +358 40 554 9692

Kristina Cato, Head of Sustainability and Communications, +46 708 64 47 02

About Cybercom

Cybercom is an innovative IT consulting firm that enables leading companies and organisations to capture the opportunities of digitalisation. We provide innovative, secure and sustainable solutions in IT and communications technology by combining technical edge and strong business insight. This applies whether the issue is transforming products into services, developing new business models or helping the public sector get closer to citizens. We are found where technology and business development meet. We think big. We test, we learn and we adapt. And the distance from planning to action is short. The single objective is for our clients to succeed in the connected world. This is how we are making tomorrow, today. We are a richly diverse company with a large range of ages, 44 nationalities and assignments in 21 countries. We are creating the world of tomorrow in unison, we are creative, fearless and inquisitive – always ready to challenge the status quo. We turn our words into action and empower change. We are the #Makers of tomorrow. Cybercom has been a privately owned company since 2015. Its main shareholders are JCE Group AB and Tequity AB. Cybercom’s domestic markets are the Nordic region and Poland, and in addition the company offers global delivery capacity for local and international business. To learn more about Cybercom, visit www.cybercom.com.


Tony Hendrell

Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group

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