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A fossil-free future requires a digitalisation policy

Published: 2019-03-28

A roadmap for a fossil-free Sweden has been submitted to Minister for the Environment and Climate Isabella Lövin (Green Party) and Minister for Enterprise Ibrahim Baylan (Social Democratic Party). The roadmap sets out how the digitalisation industry, together with its clients, politicians and other decision makers can enable a transition to a fossil-free Sweden.

The roadmap was drawn up within the framework of the Fossil Free Sweden Initiative. The vision is to have contributed by 2045 to Sweden and the world reducing their energy consumption so as not to exceed a temperature increase of 1.5 °C. This will be achieved by focusing on the low-energy scenario that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change highlighted in its latest report.

We call on the government to take the following seven initiatives:

  1. Appoint a digital transformation committee with international ambitions
  2. Update appropriation directions with requirements for digital low-energy strategies
  3. Encourage reporting of Scope 4/avoided emissions that unpack the potential of digitalisation to help companies become suppliers of fossil-free solutions
  4. Appoint a fast-track inquiry into open data to support global sustainability
  5. Clarify the responsibility for digitalisation and sustainability within all government ministries
  6. Allocate resources for a national knowledge boost
  7. Establish Testbed Zones for sustainable digital transformation

These points and the underlying reasoning are described in detail in the complete roadmap. Pdf, 5.3 MB.

Hand over to the government

Niklas Flyborg President and CEO, Cybercom, Minister for the Environment and Climate Isabella Lövin, Minister for Enterprise Ibrahim Baylan, and Kristina Cato Sustainability Accelerator and Head of Communications.

“We wish to focus on three parallel climate efforts: 1) optimisation of existing systems; 2) acceleration; and 3) transformation with the development and implementation of completely new system solutions, not least with the help of new business models made possible by digitalisation. We have therefore brought together our industry colleagues to back the roadmap,” says Niklas Flyborg, President and CEO, Cybercom.

“Properly applied, digitalisation can lead to system transformations that drastically reduce emissions. Now the politicians have to create the right conditions that enable new business models and ensure that the power of digitalisation is utilised in the best possible way,” says Svante Axelsson, National Coordinator for the Fossil Free Sweden Initiative.

“It is fantastic that the industry’s leading experts have come together to implement this project. It has been an exciting journey lasting a year. Our sector has drawn up a ground-breaking roadmap that 97 percent of the reference group has supported. There are already 33 companies that will work to deliver smart innovative solutions for a globally sustainable fossil-free future,” says Dennis Pamlin, Accelerator for Net Positivity and Digital Sustainability at Cybercom and convener of the steering group for the digital consulting industry’s roadmap.

“One major challenge is that, for example, optimisation of individual products is easier to explain, measure and give political support to than larger, transformational system changes. They also require a number of collaborative measures that are often based on different ministries, authorities and sectors cooperating in a way that rarely happens today,” says Ingemar Jansson, Senior Advisor Digital Sustainability, Cybercom

The digitalisation consultants themselves undertake to:

  1. Cut the industry’s energy use by half or more by 2030, with the ambition of reaching zero emissions by 2045
  2. Agree a minimum level of knowledge among our employees regarding the impacts of digitalisation from a climate and sustainability perspective
  3. Agree a framework to report positive and negative contributions (Scope 1-4, including avoided emissions)

Industry colleagues who have jointly prepared and signed the roadmap:
Acando, Accenture, Accigo AB, Advania Sverige, Antrop AB, Ayond AB, B3 Consulting Group AB, Berge Consulting AB, Capgemini Sverige AB, Cartina AB, CGI Sverige AB, Combitech, Cybercom Group AB, Eicorn AB, Etteplan AB, Implement Consulting Group, IRM, Jayway, Knightec AB, Knowit, Netlight, Prevas AB, Proact IT Sweden AB, R2M, Semcon AB, Sigma IT Consulting, Softronic AB, Sopra Steria Sweden AB, Sweco Position AB, Sylog Sverige AB, Tieto, Tritech Technology AB, Usify AB

For further information, please contact:

Niklas Flyborg, President and CEO, Cybercom +46 70 594 96 78
Dennis Pamlin, Accelerator for Net Positivity and Digital Sustainability, Cybercom dennis.pamlin@cybercom.com
Ingemar Jansson, Senior Advisor Digital Sustainability, Cybercom
and Project Coordinator, IT Consultancy Industry Roadmap +46 72 080 35 60
Kristina Cato, Sustainability Accelerator and Head of Communications +46 708 644 702

For more information about the Fossil Free Sweden Initiative see this link: http://fossilfritt-sverige.se/roadmaps-for-fossil-free-competitiveness/ External link.

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Ingemar Jansson

Head of Sustainable Strategy & Business Development

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