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Cybercom AWS Business Group reinforced its leadership by appointing Jaakko Kontiainen as Head of Business Development

Published: 2020-01-07

Cybercom AWS Business Group (CABG) has appointed Jaakko Kontiainen to develop Amazon Web Services (AWS) business and partnerships to provide sustainable and long-term services to Cybercom’s clients.

Kontiainen started in his role 1.1.2020. He has several years’ broad international experience in cloud service business. He has worked in various roles including leadership positions, business development, partner management and sales and marketing. He has worked closely with all the major Public Cloud service providers and several relevant independent software vendors. Before joining Cybercom, he has working for Elisa, Nordcloud and Nokia, among other international companies.

Cybercom announced in September 2018 a strategic collaboration with AWS to help mid-sized companies, enterprises and public sector organizations accelerate their journey to the cloud and boost their digital transformation. We are one of the selected go-with partners to AWS in the Nordics.

Jaakko Kontiainen, Head of Business Development, CABG:

“I am thrilled to join Cybercom as the spreading of cloud service use and their development is still accelerating. I will focus especially in how we can accelerate our clients’ business success with the combination of AWS and Cybercom services.”

Amazon Web Services has been around for well over 10 years and in addition Cybercom’s cloud service expertise, it allows clients to focus on their core business. Jaakko continues:

“Cybercom has an amazing reputation among both clients and AWS. The reputation is not only due to relentless focus on quality and performance, but also due to the very strong culture of client focus. Cybercom has also been able to obtain the AWS recognition of Premier Consulting Partner and the third party audited Managed Service Provider (MSP) status, both of which I know intimately as very demanding recognitions.”

Digitalisation and utilizing cloud services as an enabler is going to continue to grow in the future. Kontiainen mentions few major trends, that supports grow expectations:

“I am a firm believer in the ever-expanding use of public cloud services. The growth is driven by a few major trends - companies and public sector actors alike are still increasingly recognising how digitalisation adds value to the organisations and their customers.

Short time to market and frequent releases require organisations to focus on their differentiating value add - and depend even more on partners such as AWS and Cybercom to provide the platforms and solutions on which these differentiating services are built.

Finally, more organisations are realising that hosting own services or data or processing power location are secondary to continuous service innovation and development. This is an area where a local service provider rarely is able to compete against global service providers, such as AWS.“

Cybercom has a unique strategic collaboration with AWS in the Nordics. It provides Cybercom an exquisite position to help their clients to grow their business successfully with AWS Cloud Services.

Jaakko comments: “The Cybercom AWS Business Group is a platform for AWS and Cybercom to jointly align actions, services and competencies to better serve the shared clients. AWS Premier Consulting Partner status and the audited MSP practise are a testament of the performance and high quality of Cybercom services and the commitment in maintaining and continuously developing AWS skills and capabilities. This combination, which is unique in the whole of Nordic market, makes Cybercom the optimal choice for our current and future clients.”

The CABG will be focusing especially on leverage the benefits of the AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region, delivering low-latency cloud services as well as allowing customers to store their data in the Nordics, overcoming any data sovereignty issues they might have.

Tony Hendrell, Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group:
“This is great news to start 2020 – I warmly welcome Jaakko to Cybercom and to the CABG team! We are constantly searching the best cloud business and AWS technology talents to our growing Nordic team to boost our clients’ own business and strengthen our leading cloud solution provider position in the Nordics."


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Head of Marketing and Communications

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Tony Hendrell

Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group

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Jaakko Kontiainen

Head of Business Development, CABG

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