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Cybercom becomes an AWS APN Immersion day partner

Cybercom, AWS Premier Partner, has been approved for APN Immersion Days program and can now independently provide genuine, highly immersive one-day workshops to customers on different areas of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Published: 2020-05-18

Grasping a solid understanding or keeping up with the always developing AWS service portfolio can be a challenge. It may also be valuable to take a pause from the daily rush and invest dedicated time to dive deeper to one area of AWS services.

APN Immersion Day helps technical experts learn how to best leverage the AWS platform to unlock business potential and meet key objectives. The Immersion Day is an interactive training in workshop format, which walks the participants through different specific areas of Amazon Web Services. Immersion day can be organized in a normal on-site workshop or as a virtual version – whichever suits the needs the best.

Cybercom can deliver AWS APN Immersion Days on a wide range of subjects. Current list of active Immersion Days is as follows:

  • General Immersion Day
  • AI/ML
  • Containers
  • Data Engineering
  • Database Migration
  • EC2 Spot
  • EMR
  • IoT
  • Landing Zone
  • Microsoft
  • Redshift
  • Security & Compliance
  • Serverless
  • Serverless Data Lake

Active new Immersion Days are constantly added to the list. For added and upcoming Immersion Days on your preferred topic, you can reach out to us.

Cybercom uses the same materials as AWS to deliver the Immersion Days. These include for example structured presentations, hands-on labs, and other AWS custom built assets to address key customer questions. Cybercom has not only passed the AWS requirements and trainings, but also gained extensive hands-on experience on the AWS services.

For more information about the APN Immersion Day program, go to AWS page here: https://aws.amazon.com/partners/immersion-days/ External link, opens in new window.

Would this be the time to find a day to explore the AWS platform and services more deeply?

Emil Svensson

Marketing & Communication

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