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Cybercom achieves the AWS Migration Competency

Cybercom, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, has achieved the AWS Migration Competency as a testament to its capabilities and professionalism in migrating customers’ workloads into the Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Published: 2020-06-15

Enterprises migrating their workloads to AWS require expertise, tools, and alignment of business and IT strategy. Few customers have the required expertise and experience in-house. Most organizations choose to accelerate their migration and time to results through a partnership with a consultant. Cybercom was recently awarded the coveted AWS Migration Competency.

Achieving the AWS Migration Competency requires not only the accumulation of the skills and expertise, but also passing a rigorous third partythird-party audit reviewing the expertise through past customer cases. The awarded competency is a testament to Cybercom capabilities and professionalism in migrating customers’ workloads into AWS.

AWS states on its website that “AWS Migration Competency Partners provide solutions or have deep experience helping businesses move applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS, through all aspects of complex migration projects including discovery, planning, migration and operations.”

“Achieving the AWS Migration Competency is a natural next step for Cybercom to help organizations achieve their business goals by migrating workloads to the cloud, leveraging the agility, breadth of services, and great pace of innovation that AWS provides”, says Tony Hendrell, Head of Cybercom AWS Business Group, Cybercom.

Successful migration projects are properly planned and conducted

A successful migration project is always planned together with the customer, starting from an assessment phase including a business case analysis and follows with actual migrations of selected workloads together with a training program to ensure customer’s organization to be cloud ready. Properly planned and conducted migration project ensures, that all relevant parties are staying informed and system downtime is kept minimal. Cybercom is utilizing AWS defined assessment and planning techniques such as Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) and Migration Readiness Planning (MRP).

Cybercom has been an AWS partner since 2012 building cloud native workload for its customers. In addition to its strong cloud expertise, Cybercom has over 20 years of experience of traditional hosting services and workloads. Cybercom is an official and audited next-generation AWS Managed Services Provider (MSP), a VMware Cloud on AWS solution partner and an authorized Well-Architected Program partner which give a strong foundation to run a full-scale digital transformation programs from a migration assessment and business planning to the 24/7 managed operations, through a successful migration of all workloads.

Cybercom has more than 100 AWS certified professionals in the Nordics.

Cybercom has more than 100 AWS certified professionals in the Nordics, serving a growing AWS client base in their transition to the cloud. To further drive digital transformation through cloud adoption, Cybercom has announced earlier a strategic collaboration with AWS, the Cybercom AWS Business Group.

Cybercom is also an official DevOps Competency and AWS Immersion Days Partner which enables to drive new innovations, modernization of workloads, and constant cost optimization after a successful migration project.

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