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Cybercom and Sigholm Tech begin collaboration to revolutionise an entire industry

Sigholm Tech and Cybercom are providing the energy industry with an opportunity to trial AI and machine learning (ML) to generate forecasts for demand and markets in innovative, more rapid and easier ways. Combining Sigholm Tech’s knowledge of the needs of the energy industry and Cybercom’s expertise in data management will provide insight that could revolutionise an entire industry.

Published: 2020-06-23

Making accurate forecasts is important, but complicated. The manual steps in generating forecasts consume both time and resources. New technologies create new opportunities to quickly and effectively turn forecasts into a strategic advantage. By using the new AWS Forecast product, we can quickly train algorithms using several different regression models. Energy companies with the ability to capture, store and train algorithms on their data can improve their decision-making ability and therefore gain a better grip of the future.

“Developments are advancing rapidly, and we have reached a level where we can do so much more with AI now than we could just a year ago. The possibilities are endless, and AWS Forecast is just the beginning of an exciting development,” says Magnus Karlsson, AWS Business Advisor at Cybercom.

Sigholm Tech and Cybercom have discovered each other in the complementary competencies around energy, forecasting and data management. Cybercom has extensive experience and knowledge of data management and AWS, and Sigholm Tech works to improve the energy industry through business development, automation and digitalisation.

“We need to further investigate the potential of Forecast, but this type of tool will certainly become increasingly common. Forward-looking energy companies will want to learn how to apply this type of technology to remain competitive,” says Niclas Sigholm, CEO at Sigholm Tech.

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For further information, please contact:

Magnus Karlsson, AWS Business Advisor Cybercom, +46 70 188 88 51,

Niclas Sigholm, CEO Sigholm Tech, +46 70 290 60 09,

About Cybercom
Cybercom is an innovative digitalisation consulting firm that enables leading companies and organisations to capture the opportunities of digitalisation. We provide innovative, secure and sustainable solutions in IT and communications technology by combining technical edge and strong business insight. This applies whether the issue is transforming products into services, developing new business models or helping the public sector get closer to citizens. We are a highly diverse company, with a large age range, 45 nationalities and assignments in 20 countries. We are creative, fearless and inquisitive – always ready to challenge the status quo. We turn our words into action and empower change. We are the #makersoftomorrow. Cybercom’s domestic markets are the Nordic region and Poland, and in addition the company offers global delivery capacity for local and international business. Read more about Cybercom at

About Sigholm Tech
Sigholm Tech AB is a consulting company and a reliable partner for change projects in society, energy and infrastructure. With a range of services within optimisation and energy system services, internal communication, business and business development, Sigholm takes on social responsibility and is committed to sustainable business. The company is present in three locations, Västerås, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Read more about Sigholm Tech at

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