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LEAD and Cybercom develop a model for maximising positive climate impact from the innovation ecosystem

Existing climate efforts largely focus on us each reducing our own emissions. If the world is to succeed in limiting the temperature rise to 1.5 ⁰C, it will not be enough to simply view companies and organisations as emitters (part of the problem). It is high time that we also start to look at which companies offer solutions to the problem.

Published: 2020-06-23

Company incubator LEAD is teaming up with digitalisation consulting company Cybercom to explore how positive climate impact more rapidly contributes to reduced emissions in wider society through the solutions available within the start-up community and the overall innovation ecosystem.

Existing climate efforts largely focus on us each reducing our own emissions, which is to say our negative climate impact or footprint. Most tools for measuring and reporting are based on this perspective. Similarly, the climate targets of companies and organisations, and their incentive structures, are designed to reduce emissions using existing solutions. The media demands reduction targets, investors want to know how much companies are emitting, and reporting frameworks help us keep track of our emissions.

The initiative will be ready in 2020 and will develop an evaluation model that will make it possible to identify and support solutions (technologies, products, services and business models) that significantly contribute to reducing emissions in society. One of the goals is that it should be applicable to all parties working with start-ups and scale-ups, and be able to be understood and used by other players in the innovation ecosystem.

“We need to accelerate on this issue now if we want to see a change tomorrow. We have an important role to play as an incubator. We must lead the way and make a good impression at an early stage, both with the companies we work with and in the ecosystem we operate in. It is high time we dare to challenge and think bigger. The issue is not only about the companies we work with that fundamentally improve the future, but also to ensure that all companies that are created now contribute in a positive way,” says Catharina Sandberg, CEO at LEAD.

In the start-up environment and the innovation ecosystem, there are today a long line of companies that offer exciting and relevant solutions to the climate challenge, sometimes without being aware of it themselves. By addressing the needs of their customers and society in entirely new and smart ways, they can contribute to how society organises resources more effectively by helping to encourage resource-efficient business models, behaviours and lifestyles.

Within the framework of the Swedish Scaleups project, LEAD and Cybercom will now jointly develop an evaluation model that will make it possible to identify how an incubator and other players in the innovation ecosystem can maximise their positive contribution by providing and scaling up climate-positive solutions. This kind of model can accelerate the uptake of both individual solutions and transformative system solutions that require new clusters for implementation.

“Digitalisation and all the tools we help our customers implement have a tremendous ability to not only streamline and reduce our customers' existing emissions, what we call Best Practice, but with digital technology we can also enable new resource-efficient solutions, something we at Cybercom call Next Practice, which builds on service-based circular business models, behaviours and lifestyles,” says Niklas Flyborg, CEO at Cybercom Group.

Companies and organisations with solutions, whether they are established companies or disruptive start-ups, need to know the extent of the emission reductions that their solutions contribute to, and even the potential if they are further scaled up. This allows them to credibly communicate their positive potential to customers, investors and other key stakeholders, and realise the potential as part of their business.

“We have for several years been developing and refining our net-positive innovation methodology, and we now possess unique expertise in exploring climate-positive solutions. We make it possible to avoid emissions by implementing technology and by exploring new technology-based business models,” says Ingemar Jansson, Head of Sustainable Strategy & Business Development at Cybercom Group.

For further information:

Catharina Sandberg, CEO, LEAD +46 705 50 35 91
Niklas Flyborg, President and CEO, Cybercom +46 70 594 96 78
Ingemar Jansson, Head of Sustainable Strategy & Business Development, Cybercom +46 72 080 35 60
Karl Lindau, Head of Cybercom Linköping +46 72 351 09 93

About Cybercom
Cybercom is an innovative digitalisation consulting firm that enables leading companies and organisations to capture the opportunities of digitalisation. We provide innovative, secure and sustainable solutions in IT and communications technology by combining technical edge and strong business insight. This applies whether the issue is transforming products into services, developing new business models or helping the public sector get closer to citizens. We are a highly diverse company, with a large age range, 45 nationalities and assignments in 20 countries. We are creative, fearless and inquisitive – always ready to challenge the status quo. We turn our words into action and empower change. We are the #makersoftomorrow. Cybercom’s domestic markets are the Nordic region and Poland, and in addition the company offers global delivery capacity for local and international business. Read more about Cybercom at www.cybercom.com

About LEAD
LEAD is a leading Swedish company incubator that assists entrepreneurs to build companies more rapidly and more securely. LEAD addresses innovators and entrepreneurs with companies that are innovative and have the potential to expand. LEAD offers a structured business development methodology founded on close and committed business coaching and networking. LEAD is owned by Linköping University and is additionally financed by the municipalities of Norrköping and Linköping, and by Vinnova. For more information, please visit www.lead.se

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