Cybercom receives Career Company 2021 Award

Published: 2021-02-16

The Career Companies Award recognises employers that offer unique career and development opportunities to recent graduates as well as young professionals who have already been working for a few years. The award is intended to help Swedish university students and young professionals find their next employer and to reward successful employer branding work.

Cybercom was named a Career Company 2021 by an expert jury, whose statement reads:

A quick visit is enough to understand that Cybercom is a special place to work. The company culture is warm and exciting and people are obviously proud to work for Cybercom. The sense of shared purpose and belonging runs deep and with strong support from management, everyone feels at ease. Combined with good opportunities for development, this makes Cybercom a most attractive employer, today and for a long time to come. Bravo!

Career Companies is pleased to name Cybercom one of Sweden’s Career Companies 2021.

Linda Westlund, head of HR at Cybercom says:

This award is always great fun! Naturally, it is proof that we are delivering on our high ambitions to be an attractive, sustainable employer, for both current and future “Makers of tomorrow”. It also shows that employers that are passionate about digitalisation, sustainability and innovation are attractive employers. There is huge potential to make a better tomorrow through digitalisation, and Cybercom will be bringing even more new employees on board in 2021. That makes the award particularly gratifying this year.

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