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Workplace of tomorrow – Working in a better and more flexible way, the Makers’ way!

Published: 2021-04-13

2020 will no doubt go down in history as one of the most transformative years in recent history. While the pandemic brought about many calamities and lives, jobs, and dreams were lost – it was also the starting point of a trend we believe will deeply affect how nearly everyone works. And in a very good way too.

Great crises tend to bring out the best in people and innovations and new ideas tend to flourish. When we say that we are Makers of tomorrow, it is far more than a brand positioning – it is our mission, and if there is one thing the next normal will have in common with the previous normal, it is that we will keep improving people’s lives through smart and sustainable solutions.

We want to have a forward-looking working model that enables us to remain the most trusted business partner to our clients, but at the same time remain an attractive and modern employer. We want to offer as much flexibility as possible to support individual- and teamwork-styles, while at the same time always honouring our client agreements and relations, and nourish our culture.

Therefore, with our key values in mind we have established five key principles for the way we envision working in the new normal:

  1. We are role models in utilising the opportunities and the benefits a digital workplace can offer.
  2. We decrease the environmental footprint by decreasing the day-to-day travel.
  3. We increase flexibility around individual work arrangements to increase work/life balance and a more sustainable private situation while keeping the Maker’s culture strong.
  4. We continue and develop our work to be an attractive employer, allowing us to recruit the best talents based on experience and talent regardless of location.
  5. We continue and develop our work to be attractive to the clients, allowing us to offer the best possible team and consultant to the clients regardless of location.

Cybercom's first iteration of the new Makers' way of working

Of course, buy-in from our co-workers is essential for us to want to launch this initiative, let alone succeed with it. We therefore surveyed the attitudes and opinions they held towards the new way of working. The results were quite stunning, as we suspect many other companies will discover when they do similar surveys. More than 80 percent reported that they would like to work remotely at least one day per week in the future. Of these, about half of the respondents said that they do not want to work less than three days a week remotely.

This, however, does not mean that there will be no place for the office in the future. It is just the traditional office that will have to go. Our survey shows that the views on what the office’s main function will be in the future vary greatly. Where some see a place to socialise, others see a test bed for innovation and others still see a place to host events, to name a few popular responses. The diversity of answers is not a problem, quite the opposite. All this means is that the keystone of the office in the Next Normal must be flexibility, and we will help make it so.

Another key ally in our journey towards a new and better way of working is of course our clients. Here we envision a two-way flow of ideas and best practices. We need to be keenly interested in helping our clients find the best possible solutions but also to identify smart and creative ways of working at our clients that we can customise and relay to other clients. Through our many client relations, we can play the role of facilitator, ensuring that resources are not needlessly spent “reinventing the wheel” and adding value to most if not all of our clients through helping them navigate the post-pandemic workplace landscape.

Still, this is an iterative process, and we are exploring, envisioning, and testing. It is a learning process, and our policy will develop over time as we learn more. As always we are developing even better solutions for IT support and security and now we see that demand for this is sharply rising among our clients, since digitalisation has significantly accelerated this past year. We will also need to design new tools and shape a new culture, find ways to endure well-being and proper ergonomics. And not least of course leverage the many advantages that will manifest themselves as the Next Normal dawns.

We do not have all the answers yet, and we approach this transformation with humility, creativity, curiosity, and a willingness to work closely with our co-workers and clients on new issues, problems, and not least opportunities. This way, we will become even better Makers of tomorrow.


Accelerating digitalisation

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Linda Westlund

Head of HR

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