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Cybercom is focused on growth in Digital Development

Published: 2021-04-21

Cybercom is continuing its growth journey and has hired Hanna Wasmuth Holmström and Johan Ribbeklint to drive the evolution of the Digital Development unit.

“Our primary focus is to generate growth by concentrating on innovation, remaining at the forefront of technology and taking a user-centred approach. The point is to become even more relevant to our current and new customers, of course, as well as our consultants. As business unit managers, we will work together to leverage our varied experience in consultancy, the customer side and fields of digital development”, says Hanna Wasmuth Holmström.

Digital sustainability and digital solutions have a key role in the effort towards sustainable development and in Sweden achieving the 1.5 degrees target and Agenda 2030.

“Cybercom has a clear and central sustainability strategy, which is vital. I was especially impressed by how Cybercom is investing in training consultants and customers and is committed to achieving the sustainable development goals. Gaining the opportunity to work with consultants at the leading edge of expertise in their fields is thrilling and I am looking forward to being part of creating even better and smarter solutions to society’s challenges, through technology”, says Hanna.

Continuing the growth journey also demands the right skills. Johan Ribbeklint comments:

“Cybercom’s goal-oriented and long-term focus on sustainability is unmistakable. Combined with an incredible mix of customers and assignments, we have an exciting time ahead, on the customer side and the recruitment side. We are working in a challenging industry these days and there is a serious skills shortage, but Cybercom is in a strong market position based on its leadership in sustainability and innovation.”

What will you be bringing with you into your new roles?

“Above all, I am looking forward to meeting all of my new colleagues”, says Johan. “Otherwise, after 20 years in the IT game, I have experience and insights that I hope will be useful and help Cybercom reach a new level of sustainable digital development in partnership with our customers.”

“A consultancy is never better than the people who work there, which is why it is so important to create a context in which people enjoy working together even when almost all work is digital and done remotely. My strengths are in driving projects and business forward. A relationship often starts out small and potential grows as mutual trust and confidence grow. I think it is important that we are able to look ahead and identify opportunities while also having a good time and a laugh”, finishes Hanna.

Hanna Wasmuth Holmström’s LinkedIn External link.

Johan Ribbeklint’s LinkedIn External link.


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