Cybercom’s sustainability report 2020, first to apply the 1.5°C Business Playbook pillars

Published: 2021-04-21

Cybercom’s complete Sustainability Report for 2020 has been published on the company’s website The sustainability report is the first of its kind to be produced with support from the Exponential Roadmap initiative to apply its 1,5°C Business Playbook four pillar structure.

President and CEO Niklas Flyborg comments:

“It has been more than a decade since we identified our important role in the transformation to a more sustainable and fossil free society and started to invest in sustainability as an integrated part of our business model. It was a move that has paid off. We now see that by nudging our clients towards a better tomorrow, we can accelerate our extended positive impact on global sustainability, while also seeing that it is clearly good for our business.”

The sustainability report is the first of its kind to be produced in partnership with the Exponential Roadmap initiative and its 1,5°C Business Playbook pillar structure. The 1.5°C Business Playbook helps organisations to set a 1.5°C aligned strategy and move to action. It focuses on simplicity and speed and is anchored in the latest science.

Johan Falk, CEO of the Exponential Roadmap Initiative comments:

“The 1.5°C Business Playbook provides a guide for companies to align with the 1.5°C ambition through 4 pillars: Reducing its own emissions, reducing value chain emission, integrating climate in strategy and contributing to climate action in society. We are very happy to support Cybercom in applying this framework in its sustainability report. Cybercom is a role model in applying this framework and with their new sustainability report they are providing a great example on how to implement the 1.5°C ambition and we are convinced that many will follow this approach.”

This is the Group’s eleventh Sustainability Report. The previous report was published in April 2020. The Sustainability Report constitutes Cybercom’s statutory Sustainability Report as required under the Swedish Annual Accounts Act. This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. The Sustainability Report also serves as Cybercom’s Annual Report to the UN Global Compact.Cybercom has been a participant of the Global Compact since 2011.

For further information, please contact:

Niklas Flyborg, president and CEO, Cybercom
+46 70 594 96 78

Ingemar Jansson, Head of Sustainable Strategy & Business Development, Cybercom
+46 72 080 35 60

About Cybercom

Cybercom is an innovative digitalisation consulting firm that enables leading companies and organisations to capture the opportunities of digitalisation. We provide innovative, secure and sustainable solutions in IT and communications technology by combining technical edge and strong business insight. This applies whether the issue is transforming products into services, developing new business models or helping the public sector get closer to citizens. We are found where technology and business development meet. We think big. We test, we learn and we adapt. And the distance from planning to action is short. The single objective is for our clients to succeed in the connected world. This is how we are making tomorrow, today. We are a richly diverse company with a large range of ages, 45 nationalities and assignments in 20 countries. We are creating the world of tomorrow in unison, we are creative, fearless and inquisitive – always ready to challenge the status quo. We turn our words into action and empower change. We are the #Makers of tomorrow. Cybercom has been a privately owned company since 2015. Its main shareholders are Formica Capital, JCE Group AB and Tequity AB. Cybercom’s domestic markets are the Nordic region and Poland, and in addition the company offers global delivery capacity for local and international business. To learn more about Cybercom, visit


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