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Mobile Heights toppenmorgon - 5G

Published: 2021-04-28

The roll-out of 5G is full steam ahead in many parts of the world, but does the new generation of cellular radio technology live up to its promise? Which use cases unlocked by the power of 5G are already in play, and how do they make our lives better?

At this webinar, Terese Hellenros and Ivan Bretan from Telia, joined by Andreas Schön from Cybercom, will give us an update on the status of 5G today.

They will also provide useful insights into what actually is achievable with 5G, as well as giving us a glimpse into what’s ahead.

Andreas Schön from Cybercom will talk about how IT and Telecom are merging with the help of 5G, cloud platforms and mobile edge computing. To make it real, he will mention some use cases, tell us about the next steps and what hurdles we need to overcome to make it happen.

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