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Cybercom is an official Microsoft CAF Ready partner

Published: 2021-05-24

Microsoft has granted Cybercom the official Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) Ready partner status. It ensures that we operate with the best practices, which are compatible with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

As a premier Microsoft partner, we help our customers to build sustainable cloud solutions that follow Microsoft CAF. The phases of the customer's cloud journey are aligned to and validated against the guidance in the stages of the Cloud Adoption Framework.

Niina Känsälä, Cloud Driven Services Business Unit Director, Cybercom Finland:

We are delighted with this achievement. Our customers can trust that our audited services will follow best practices and are completely aligned with Microsoft CAF Ready Framework. The framework is valid for each step of the client's cloud journey. Our cloud solutions support our customers' sustainable cloud transformation and accelerate it effectively. We help them to achieve the full benefit of the cloud. And once again, our Azure Makers have done great work, and I'm very proud of their competence and commitment. Thank you!

The Cloud Adoption Framework is proven guidance designed to help you create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary for your organisation to succeed in the cloud. It provides best practices, documentation, and tools that cloud architects, IT professionals, and business decision-makers need to achieve their short- and long-term objectives successfully. By using Cloud Adoption Framework best practices, organisations can better align their business and technical strategies to ensure success.

Vesa-Matti Paananen, Partner Tech Lead, Microsoft:

We are pleased to see that Cybercom has recently achieved Microsoft CAF Ready status and two Advanced Specializations. These achievements prove that Cybercom is one of our leading partners, their deep knowledge has been audited by a third party, and they are ready to provide high-quality services and expert consultation to their customers to accelerate their cloud journey to Azure. Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is proven guidance with best practices designed to help organizations create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary for them to succeed in the cloud and modernize their business. Congratulations to the team Cybercom for these achievements!

CAF Framework will help you to

Realise your business objectives: Identify opportunities for your organisation in the cloud and realise your objectives using cloud technology.

Prepare your organisation for the cloud: Identify productive and sustainable ways to help your organisation understand and embrace technology changes to improve business outcomes.

Migrate to the cloud and optimise: Move your digital assets to the cloud and then optimise them—and your operational processes—for excellence with innovative cloud-based technologies.

Cybercom is on the highest partnership level as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Also, we have achieved two Advanced Specializations: Migration to Microsoft Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop. These prove Cybercom's competence and commitment to Microsoft technologies. And with this knowledge, we are ready to accelerate our customers' sustainable digital transformation.

Visit Microsoft Azure partner pages. External link, opens in new window.


Jussi Siuro

Sales Executive, Finland

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Niina Känsälä

Director Cloud Driven Services

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