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The journey towards a sustainable future with us

Published: 2021-06-01

At the beginning of May, we received fantastic news of Cybercom and Knowit joining forces. Together, we create a Nordic powerhouse with a clear focus on driving a sustainable digital transformation together with our customers. We will be known as Makers of a Sustainable Future.

Juha Markkanen was appointed as VP of Sales and Marketing, Cybercom Finland, on 1st April. Before this, Juha has worked successfully as a Business Unit Director for Cloud Driven Services. During his nearly fifteen years' career at Cybercom, he has worked in various roles, including Key Account Manager and Sales Executive.

Juha sees that the Knowit merge provides an excellent opportunity to support our customers' sustainable digital transformation journey better than ever. Both Cybercom and Knowit share common values and see sustainable targets as good business drivers, helping customers make a positive impact on our society.

Tell us more about your new role and expectations.

As the VP of the newly formed Sales and Marketing unit, I have a fantastic opportunity in a key role to build the foundations for our future success. Personally, I've always been driven by a curiosity about how things – be it Cybercom's services or our clients' businesses – work, what their targets are, and how they can be joined together for a common purpose. I'm excited and thankful that Cybercom has offered me the opportunity to grow my competence in this new role. I have a wonderful team of marketing and sales professionals. I'm confident that together we will reach the company's growth targets and even exceed them.

What merging with Knowit will mean to our clients?

Exciting new possibilities for working together, certainly! The combination of solutions that the companies together can provide for our Nordic clients is truly unrivalled. Both companies have built their offerings to enable clients' business digital transformation and sustainability targets. By joining the companies and offerings, we create an excellent synergetic advantage.

How do you see the role of public cloud, data and analytics, and agile software development as sustainable future enablers?

I see them all as key components or building blocks required for any business to succeed and develop to remain viable in the future. Data gives us insight and understanding in a concrete way and enables business decisions based on facts, not guessing. Cloud provides the foundations that we build digital solutions on. Agile software development binds both these together and creates complete solutions that enable our clients to meet their business targets.

What do you think is the most significant trend in cloud business? And why?

In my opinion, we have already moved past the time of experimenting with cloud and Lift & Shift migrations. But there is still an awful lot left to do in both.

The most significant trend now in cloud transformation is application modernisation. Most companies now have the enablers already in place, and it's time to take the next step to realise the total value of the cloud. Cybercom – with Knowit – is the perfect partner for our clients to help them take the next step!

Cybercom is on the highest partnership level with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Tableau. Why is this so beneficial for our customers too?

We have always taken it very seriously to live up to the promise of delivering industry-best services and solutions for our clients. For us, this means careful selection of technology partners and long-term investments in services, competencies and quality. The highest partnership levels are proof that our partners have also validated that we have reached our target.

Ultimately, we earn our clients' trust every single day through the services we deliver. Our client satisfaction scores are an attestation of the great work we do. Still, it's also nice to have our technology partners say the same.

Innovation is one of the key elements to gain a competitive advantage. How is an innovation involved with client co-operation?

In my perspective, innovation is tightly coupled with sustainable business – making the right choices for future business success. That happens on multiple levels of co-operation with our clients from everyday technology evaluation and selection to transforming the business.

Cybercom is an innovative IT consulting company that helps companies and organisations benefit from digitalisation opportunities. Driven by sustainability and innovations, we have specialised in data-driven business, agile software development and public cloud solutions to accelerate our customers’ sustainable digital transformation.
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Juha Markkanen

VP Sales and Marketing

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