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Come and make a sustainable
future with us

We are a company working together to tackle the world´s biggest challenges

Technology can be a game changer of the next decade. But with great tech, comes great responsibility.

As consultants, we have a responsibility to ensure that some of the most powerful tools that humankind has ever created are implemented by our clients in a way that assures long-term sustainable growth, sharper competitiveness, and a future for the generations of tomorrow.

Why join Cybercom

Meaningful projects We believe that digitalisation has an important role in solving the challenges humankind is facing today. Being an enabler for a better future you get to work with projects that lead the world into digital transformation.
Professional development opportunities It’s the people in Cybercom who lead the way and bring the modern technologies and the ways of working into projects, thus it’s more than welcome that people develop themselves and their skills in various ways.
Community that supports you We cherish joy, empathy, and friendliness in our work environment. You have a real possibility to make a difference in the community and the work we do, and get supporting co-workers next to you.
Work-life balance We embrace flexibility in remote work and have a New Way of Working model which allows Makers to have more freedom in choosing where and when they work.

We are Makers of tomorrow

Now, you are probably thinking what does it mean? Let us explain it to you.

Makers, because we make digital happen. We believe in talking less, doing more. We know that innovative and sustainable solutions are as much about technology as what the tech can actually do. Tomorrow, because we want to create a better tomorrow.

We are working hard to connect machines, people and services to make them work more smoothly together. Our consultants work all the way from e-services in the Nordic public sector to streamed media and driverless cars in Europe, national eIDs, 5G - next gereneration telecom, secure card payments and health apps to healthcare, connected cranes and lifts and smart industrial robots.

We bring all the tools for your professional growth – a collection of brilliant minds, learning experiences and exciting projects to evolve your thinking and skills. You bring passion, drive, and a desire to push your boundaries. Together we create a company driven by Makers of tomorrow.

They are Makers of tomorrow

Our values

Passion We are driven by a passion to change things for the better and are proud of our achievements.
Innovation We are innovative and contribute with new ways of thinking, business models and solutions.
Trust We build trust through honesty, transparency and respect.

Maker principles

Celebrate curiosity. High fives, not elbows. No corner offices. Responsible brain power. Opinions matter. Driver seat mentality. Diversity equals smartness.

Did not find a suitable position for you?

No worries, we will be happy to get to know you and see if we have other possibilities for you.

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