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We are great at what we do, and everything we do, we do with a huge heart. Our brave developers are skilled professionals with a humble mind, building a better tomorrow as their main priority. Our Maker spirit is high as the sky and free of hierarchies and unnecessary stiffness. If you don't know how to do something, there is always someone to help you out. We are a stable expert organisation with a hint of that famous IT hype.

We are now looking for Fullstack developer with DevOps mentality to join our team of Makers in Helsinki to develop web services for private and public sector clients of ours. 

We bet that you have already today used some of our developed or managed services! So as a developer at Cybercom, you really get hands-on to development work that has impact for many people. 

What kind of developer are we looking for? 

Besides technical know-how, we are looking for persons who share our ways of thinking and acting: Curiosity to sit on a driver’s seat when it comes to your personal development, pride towards your own work, built-in willingness to do meaningful work with great colleagues as well as "high fives rather than elbows" mentality.

In many our projects, development is JavaScript focused and it is often used besides frontend also for backend development. Hence, from technical point of view and in order to rock in the team, we hope that your toolbox includes skills and hands-on competence in JavaScript based web development technologies such as React.js, Vue.jsAngular and Node.js just to name few examples. Having background from AWS or Azure technologies from developer's point of view is certainly a big plus, but we also provide great opportunities to learn them if you haven't had previously a chance to do it. 

You might be the kind of fullstack developer we are looking for, if you have solid experience from backend development and you want to widen your stack also to frontend - or vice versa of course! Career-wise this could be your step to rock the stage with us if you’ve had your hands in software development for at least couple of years already. We also wish you to speak and write fluent Finnish and English.

What kind of roles we have to offer? 

At Cybercom we value generalist know-how, but also deep understanding in some specific area! 

We value that you as a developer have a possibility to affect to your own role and take responsibility in customer project as much as you like. If you have passion to lead team of skilled developers, you might want to be in Lead Architect role, or perhaps leading the project from the technical aspect is more your thing, then you could be Software Architect in the team. Not everyone wants to lead something, and as valuable as that, is to have strong knowledge how to write and deliver beautiful and efficient code and have strong motivation to act in that kind of role.

Nevertheless, we will provide you trust and responsibility and ensure that you have opportunities to make the very best out of your time with us. If you want an example, please read the story about our developer Sami Karvonen and find out, how he has developed his role at Cybercom in relatively short amount of time. 

Read the story about our developer Sami Karvonen and find out, how he has developed his role at Cybercom in relatively short amount of time:


So, What Are These Makers?

Our Makers comprise a cohesive work community, and are skilled IT professional with a comprehensive skillset. The top priority for this entity is to provide our customers with sustainable, long-term solutions - fast bucks are left for the slot machines.

Some of our Makers are working at our own office in Kamppi, some of them are working at the customer sites and some flexibly remotely, but all in all, since these Makers are our greatest asset, we want to take extra good care of them. We offer you the kind of work environment where you can be completely yourself, with knowledgeable, relaxed and genuinely nice colleagues. In addition to extensive employee benefits, our open and innovative culture is built to support self development and professional growth: to accomplish this, we offer rewards from e.g. completed open source projects, internal demo projects and online courses.

Do I Have the Potential to Become a Maker?  

If you identify yourself as a developer to whom high quality is of great importance; who promotes DevOps spirit, and who is a stone hard professional or on the path to becoming one - then absolutely!

If it comes naturally to you to avoid being stuck on just one way to do things and you have the ability to see the "big picture", Cybercom has definitely a lot to offer. Your job description will expand and change based on you interests, knowhow and needs if you wish it to do so.

Read what other Makers tell about their work at Cybercom!

To quote our Software Architect Juha: "If you are a solution-centered person with an endless will to learn new and the ability to see outside the box, you will definitely rock the stage here and enjoy your work."

Did we catch your interest?

In case you recognized that joining our team of Makers could be the kind of opportunity you'd enjoy, let us hear about you more by sending an application!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Did you notice? Cybercom and Knowit join forces and create a Nordic powerhouse for the digital solutions of the future. Soon, we will be Knowit. Read more about our new sustainable future from the release!


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