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Antti – an experienced cloud architect change

Meet Antti Arnell – a cloud architect, that by the age of 7 received his first Commodore 64 which sparked his curiosity for technology.

Hi Antti, please tell us your story when you became interested in technology.

My interest in computers was sparked at a very young age. In the late eighties, by the time I was 7 years old, I received my first own Commodore 64 with a cassette deck. I still have that machine at home! From that moment and onwards my life has been constantly surrounded by technology of various forms.

How did you become a Maker?

I have always built my own computers and even dabbled in creating small electronic equipment with a soldering iron in hand. All this was before the time of Internet and information was bit harder to get, but I read tech magazines and started to hang around similar minded people that shared their knowledge. My father was also a builder so creating and building things has always come naturally to me.

How should we use technology?

As we truly step into the Fourth Industrial Revolution we see new technologies emerging and I think we are entering a new exiting era for Makers. In my opinion, the most important is that we take the people and their thoughts in consideration when using new technology and creating new systems, as they are the ones that are going to use it in the end. Sometimes the best technological solutions for a company is not the best solution for the people working there. For me it’s important to guide our clients along this journey so the technology actually becomes benefitable for the end-user.