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Bartosz – a Software Developer with a curiosity in people

Bartosz Libner is a Software Developer with a curiosity in people and how different backgrounds and competences can deliver the best results.

Tell us a how you became a Maker?

Due to my interest in sci-fi and space I have always been interested in tech. I have also always been doing sports, I love to run, ski and play team sports. So I could imagine the feeling of not being able to move and use my body again. This has led me into working with technology that empowers people. For example, a dream would be to enable people that are paralysed to walk again. At Cybercom I have been able to work with similar types of projects, which is very fulfilling.

Would you like to tell us about one of those projects at Cybercom?

Yes, it was actually one of my first projects when I was working as an innovation zone leader, we met a startup called MemoAR. They showed us this really cool idea about helping an excluded group of people with dementia and memory loss by using AR. This group often struggle with remembering faces and conversations, which creates a lot of stress in social situations.

The whole team felt very invested in this and we decided to help them develop their first prototype. Together we created a mobile app, which through AR, could store people’s faces and conversations in a library. So, If you forgot who you were talking to or what you spoke about during the conversation, you could just take a look at the app to get reminded. This prototype gained a lot of attention and memoAR was even invited to discuss the subject at NASA.

How did you help them and why do you think they chose Cybercom?

We helped them with project managing, organised a team and gave input at early stages of the project. Working together as a team was really key and something, that I believe is central in most projects.

Later on they actually told us that they decided to go for Cybercom because we are open minded and flexible with ideas, which is important at a startup phase.