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Meet Emilio, a Senior System Developer

Say hi to Emilio Cuberos, a Senior System Developer working at Cybercom. Emilio is a person who uses both heart and brain to make companies more open to change and new technical solutions.

How did you became a Maker?

I have always had a curiosity for knowledge in general. Initially, this curiosity was more rooted in science, humanity, literature and art. However, when I started studying I discovered programming and realised that it was something fun! I could create systems that behaved in certain ways and objects that could interact with each other. And since I also enjoy writing in general, having a job where I am writing code on a daily basis felt like a natural choice for me.

Can you tell us about a project, where you acted as a Maker, and really made a difference for your client?

One of my main customers is a state agency. And I have always considered it an honour to work with them, since I then can help out in providing services for all citizens. At the same time, there are a lot of rules and restrictions and it is a huge organisation. In order to help the client move forward as a Maker, I contributed with a lot of new ideas, thinking outside of the box. So even though this state agency isn’t very prone to change, I realised that it was positive that I came from outside of the organisation. That I had an outside view and fresh new look at their processes and technology choices. I tried to act as a positive influence, which seems to have landed well, seeing that more and more of my ideas today are being implemented.

When you started to contribute with new ideas, how did you act to implement those in such a restricted company?

Well, in the beginning they were not very open to think outside of the box at all. However, with time I helped them become more and more open. I helped them end up in a new state of mind where changes can be seen as something positive. Today, I am starting to see a total change of this state agency, which I’d like to think that I contributed to. They are becoming more flexible and agile. So even though I am a developer, the human aspect of my work - inspiring and interacting with the customer - is still very important.

So Emilio, what is a Maker to you?

A Maker is someone who is not afraid to introduce changes for the better that can improve a certain area, organisation, company or institution. It isn’t someone that just follow what has been done before, instead rather a person who can think outside of the box. Someone who can see if there is room for improvement and understand the consequences. I also believe that it is important to be passionate about what you are doing. Because when you are passionate it becomes contagious, it becomes easier for people to get inspired and share your ideas and views. That is what a Maker is to me.