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Meet Michal – an Expert Software Engineer

Michal Dwornicki is an Expert Software Engineer who is a talented developer that is not afraid to tackle the most sophisticated challenges no matter what! He turns the impossible to possible with his “can-do-positive” attitude and he never rejects a challenge or a request for help.

Tell us the story on how you become a Maker?

Since I can remember when something made me impressed, I asked myself “how is it possible that it works?”. With time, I began to look for answers and dream that the effect of my efforts would amaze or inspire others.

For me personally, I had to find similar people that like me wanted to support business development in the spirit of Sustainability. It’s all I needed to find my work meaningful and become better and better every day. I am more than happy to in my day to day work have a chance to make this dream come true, together with the wonderful colleagues. I realized that people and their problems are the main force that stimulates me to create. For me, the recipe to become a Maker is easy on the paper: add hunger to gain knowledge, mix with open mind for new crazy solutions and finish it off with a pinch of luck!

Have you worked on any project where the Makers spirit really came through?

I was still in college when I during Imagine Cup contest together with my friends developed an app that made blind people move safely in potentially dangerous places in the city, like crossroads etc. Back then I didn’t know that our solution was complied with the SmartCity concept.

I have had the pleasure of working for many different clients, from the real estate to the medical industry, and their needs are often driven by sustainability. I’m more than happy that we are the ones helping our clients achieve their goals by choosing the best solutions, tools and technologies to accelerated and thrive their business, so they become more effective, secure and sustainable.

As a Maker, how can you create a better and more sustainable future?

Every day we learn new things, we meet new people and see their point of view while feeling thousands of stimuli. Thanks to this, we can make better decisions and build greater awareness by broadening our horizons. The essence is that our activities can change the world around us because we are the ones who develop and choose the direction for our clients - we have a real impact!