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Meet Piotr, a Mobile Applications Developer

Piotr Kuszewski is a Mobile Applications Developer working at Cybercom. Piotr has a passion for cars and creating solutions that provides value for a lot of people.

Hi Piotr! Would you like to tell us about your story into becoming a Maker?

As a child, I had a great interest in cars and machines. I wanted to understand how they worked, but lacked the knowledge to paint the full picture. So I decided to become an engineer. Later on when I was 10 years old I started programming in Logo, an educational programming language. It was all magic to me. That I, with my own hands, could create a solution and quickly see the results. It was fascinating for a 10 year old. As a Maker at Cybercom, my passion still lies in creating solutions, however now with a focus on the results resonating in the value that they provide for other people.

Can you tell us about a project that you were passionate about?

I worked in one project with a company who created lunch coupons. These paper coupons were the only product that they had. They were seen as a non-tech oriented company and wanted to change that image. Our solution was a mobile application for both android and iphone. Instead of using paper, you could now order lunch and dinner through the application.

I loved that the solution wasn’t rocket science, it was actually a quite simple system, but it had a huge impact on the company. I realised that you don’t always have to make complex systems to become significant. You don’t have to launch a rocket to Mars. It is more important to identify needs and work with a solution that actually meets those.

What is a Maker to you?

A Maker to me is a person who is focused on making a difference to a large group of people. Instead of creating a beautiful piece of software, I believe in creating solutions that has impact and provides a real value for the end consumer.