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Miia – a passionate client manager

Meet Miia – a client manager who brings clients, passionate specialist and their great ideas together. She works as the oil in a machinery and lives by the motto “happiness is the source of success”.

Miia, please tell us your story on how you became a Maker

I have always been interested in technology, new devices, applications and how to use them and what I can do with them. When I was 12-years-old I got fascinated about physics and decided to apply to Technical University. Later on, managerial, financial and people skills became interesteresting so I ended up mixing these two worlds.

People relationships have always been very important to me and cooperation, team work and leading a team have become natural to me. I have the ability to think what other people are thinking and what could be behind their actions, and thus I can work towards mutual understanding.

What sparked your curiosity to create new things with technology and how has it moved the client forward?

I am inspired by the great specialists who are passioned by their knowledge and area of excellence. This has been my push to bring those excellent ideas and capabilities to my customer. I see myself as the enabler in connecting our clients with these passionate specialists to help the client to enhance their solutions and platforms. I am the link between client questions, issues or problems and our specialists who are there to solve the issues. I work as the oil in a machinery and have established the foundation for our service and a way of working which makes the cooperation run smooth.

What are the most important things you learned?

I have learned a lot about new technologies but the most valuable take away is that this is team work. No one can be a Maker by themselves but we need each other and everyone’s competence to make things work and help customers with their issues or offer them innovative solutions.

Key words are cooperation, satisfaction and transparency; working together with happy mind and being transparent in everything. Happy team makes a happy customer.