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Rolf – Maker of tomorrow & AWS Hero

Meet Rolf, “Rolle”, a fast learner with a passion for IT, but also music.

He is currently working as a Senior Cloud Advisor and as the CTO of Cybercom AWS Business Group. He is also one of the leaders in the Nordic AWS Communities and the founder of the AWS Community Day Nordics.

Rolf also holds the honorary positions as being one of the few AWS Heroes in the Nordics, as well as being an AWS Partner Ambassador.

Rolf is a passionate expert of modern enterprise IT. He likes to keep himself educated and keep moving forward, rather than doing the same things over and again. He is always looking for ways to enhance Cybercom's own and customers performance with all the tools that the world has to offer.

What did your path to become a Maker look like?

I have been told that I was a very fast learner as a child. Already at the age of four I learned how to read. This turned out to be quite handy at school, since while other kids learned how to read, I had plenty of time to educate myself in other areas that I found interesting. With the support of my teachers I got the chance to deep-dive into the world of mathematics, science and tech subjects. When I grew older I decided to study at the Technical University where I deepened my skills in IT.

It was a lucky move since IT was on the rise at that time. Before I even had finished my studies, I was at the hitlist of top-recruiters to work full-time as a developer. Years later, with my bag filled with new confidence and experiences, I finished my Master’s.

Another important thing that has shaped me into who I am today is my love for music. I learned how to play the violin at the age of four and as I grew older I realized that I had a real talent for it. I played until my early 20’s, at which point I actually could have pursued a career in it, but instead decided to stop. This, since I wanted to keep my passion for music intact by not making it my daily job. Today, I have managed to strike a balance between music and IT and I feel blessed to be able to have two passions in my life.

Being a Maker of tomorrow – what is you dream project?

I have always had the privilege to quite freely do many things when it comes to projects and work. It is in my nature to take interest in something new very fast and then learn it. So for me, a dream project would be the next big interesting challenge around the corner. It should include something new to learn, that forces me to adapt. I find new challenges more interesting than doing the same thing over and over again.

To build on this, one of my first jobs actually felt like a dream project since it involved music. Based on that, if a future project were to involve any of my skills and interests, like music, that would also be very interesting.

Sharing knowledge is like giving a possibility for others to grow.

Rolf Koski, Senior Cloud Advisor & CTO of Cybercom AWS Business Group

What is a Maker to you?

Since I also have a background in teaching others I believe that a Maker should do its best in enabling team members and clients. Sharing knowledge to give other people the possibility to grow. A Maker should also be able to act as an advisor. To give customers the possibility to invent the correct answers themselves, lead them to find the best way forward themselves, for themselves. You need to stay open to that the same advice, might not be the best answer for everyone. I believe that all these components build a great Maker.