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Tomi works as a solution architect

Tomi Asp works in Cybercom's Connected Solutions unit as a solution architect. When he is not setting up industrial IoT and cloud implementations or innovation projects, he is actively taking part in various events sharing his knowledge on the opportunities brought by digitalisation.

Hi Tomi! How did you become a Maker?

I've always been interested in computers and technology, and the interest became concrete when I started my computer science studies at the University of Jyväskylä. I took my first steps in the field of programming when my first programming course at the university fired up a strong interest in programming and especially software development. After my first year at the university, I went to China as an exchange student, which sparked a decision to start writing a blog. In China, I began to write the blog on my experiences as an exchange student, but in addition to writing I also decided to develop the blogging platform myself. I ended up spending a lot of time on developing my blog and its functionalities in China and, consequently, self-learning web development.

Since then programming has been an essential part of my life – in fact, it's present in my everyday life. I feel that my time as an exchange student was a some kind of trigger on my career that set everything in motion: it all started with learning web development on my own, after which I ventured into more and more challenging themes. After I got back from China, I continued to deepen my skills through courses at the university. As I got further in my studies, I ended up starting my own business because I got tired of not getting job opportunities in my own field at that time. With my business up and running, I began to create websites for friends and small businesses. For example, http://www.joulukuusiovelle.com is one of the first websites I set up. The site is still in operation and allows you to easily order a Christmas tree and have it delivered to your front door.

What woke your interest to create new things through technology?

Before getting deeper into it, I had often experienced that programming is like some kind of magic happening in the background, but once I got hold of it I realised that large part of programming is actually easily understandable and logical. As a kid, I played a lot with Legos and particularly liked being able to build something bigger out of small pieces. When I studied programming, I got a great motivation boost when I realised that programming is a bit similar – using small pieces to build something bigger.

What I find appealing in working with technology is getting to build new things and trying new stuff and being part of technological development. Also creating new innovations yourself and getting to be the first one to do something is inspiring.

What would your dream project look like?

When thinking about a new project, I'm sure everyone visions how great it would be to create something high-profile, permanent and concrete that benefits a large number of people. My dream project would probably be something like that implemented through new technology. At the moment, I'm looking forward with excitement to a project starting soon that utilises new technology and will save lives. The project combines simplicity, efficiency and true benefits.

What do you like most at Cybercom?

My favourite thing here is definitely the Maker spirit, which is closely linked to creating new and the sincere desire of Cybercom employees to learn new technologies and be best at it. People here have the courage to develop themselves and want to find the opportunities to become better. I also like that we're using modern technologies and have the opportunity to utilise them in our work.