Här ska det bytas till en sökruta

Tuomo – Senior Azure Architect at Cybercom

In his twenties Tuomo Andelin gave up his dream to fly above the clouds as a pilot. Years later he found his calling in Cybercom as a Cloud solution Specialist.

Real clouds to virtual ones

Tuomo Andelin, Cybercom

It was one bad influenza that changed Tuomo Andelin’s, 43, life twenty years ago.

He had just gotten his commercial pilot license in the US and was home in Finland when he caught a cold. It got so bad that the complications with his central nervous system forced him to start long-term medication. Due to the medication international regulations prevented him from working as an aviator.

“I didn’t work a day as a commercial pilot. It was time to turn to my backup plan: IT.”

Tuomo Andelin, Cybercom

“I didn’t work a day as a commercial pilot. It was time to turn to my backup plan: IT.”

Finding the dream job

Tuomo took courses in folk high school and eventually got a job as an onsite IT support in a brewery company. Four years later he changed to IT outsourcing provider Elisa Appelsiini’s service desk. Over the next six years he climbed the corporate ladder. By 2018 he was working with server infrastructure support – and was newly graduated Bachelor of Business Administration.

“Both working and studying full time with small kids was stressful at times, but I wanted to better my chances in the industry.”

Tuomo Andelin, Cybercom

After getting his diploma Tuomo started to look for new challenges. He got interested in Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform and saw that Cybercom was looking for a Azure Cloud Specialist.

“I want to work with what’s hot in the industry and Azure is on Microsoft’s full focus right now. It will replace traditional IT.”

He got into an interview and made a deal with Cybercom’s HR: if we would get some of Azure’s certificates on his own, he would most likely get a job too.

Ever since that meeting Tuomo’s career has been on full speed.

Cybercom is the place of passion

Today Tuomo works as Cybercom’s Senior Cloud Architect in Helsinki and has three major companies as customers.

“Working in Cybercom means freedom. I can choose where I work and what tools and technologies I use. It’s not something I’m used to, but I really like it.”

Freedom mean responsibilities, but Tuomo doesn’t have to do everything alone.

“I’m surrounded by people who are on the top of the industry. Working for three customers from different industries keeps me busy, but with a great team I don’t have to worry.”

Once a month Tuomo meets up with other senior cloud architects to discuss Azure and Amazon’s AWS cloud services. Together they brainstorm to find new ways to offer valuable cloud service solutions to Cybercom’s customers.

“Everyone at Cybercom has really positive attitude and they are passionate about their work. It makes it a great place to work.”

Tuomo Andelin, Cybercom

Tuomo’s passion for cloud services keeps growing as well. He now has a pile of Azure certificates, but his interests are not limited to Microsoft.

“I want to learn as much as possible about Azure, but I’d like to build knowledge on AWS as well. A role as an advisor would be something I’d like to do in the future.”

Job for life

Two decades has passed since Tuomo gave up his seat in the cockpit. Even though he doesn’t have a license anymore, he hasn’t forgotten about his dream. On his spare time he practices in his own flight simulator, goes to aviation events and flies drones.

“I have never regretted my choice of career. This is where I belong, and I feel confident that I’ll always have a job. Learning is a big motivator for me: technologies develop quicker than ever. And with Cybercom I have possibilities to choose whatever path I want.”

Tuomo Andelin, Cybercom