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Best of both worlds

Sami Lehtinen is a Nokia pioneer while Henry Hynynen is working at his first IT job. Together they work to bring the best possible AWS solution to the customer.

How would you describe a typical expert on Amazon Web Services? The beauty of the question is that there’s no right answer. Projects with AWS brings together people with various backgrounds and diverse work experience, and everyone gets to bring their talent to the table.

Cybercom’s own cloud pros reveal how they master AWS.

Sami and Henry, Makers at  Cybercom 

What’s your work history like?

Henry, Cybercom


Cybercom is my first workplace in IT. Before I got the job, I worked for years in different gas stations’ customer service. I was hired to Cybercom in 2014 while I was studying communication systems and networks in Tampere University of Technology.

Sami, Cybercom


I was employed by Nokia when I graduated as an engineer of electronics in 2005. Despite my education I ended up working in IT and had different roles from mobile phones to research and development. Last ten years I worked with everything related to cloud technology. I was hired to Cybercom in 2017.

How did you find Cybercom?

Henry: I had a lot of friends who worked in Cybercom while studying. One of them recommended me for a job in service desk. I worked there for two years. It was a great job for a student, because we worked in three shifts. After I graduated, I was quickly promoted and began to work with customer projects. Currently my title is System Specialist, but I also work a lot with cloud architecture.

Sami and Henry, Makers at  Cybercom 

Sami: When I started to look for a new job it felt like I ran into Cybercom everywhere. Soon their HR reached out to me on Linkedin and asked if I’d like to hear more about the company. Two interviews later we signed the papers. Now I’m working as a Senior Cloud Advisor.

Sami and Henry, Makers at  Cybercom 

How has your previous experience helped you with your current position?

Sami: Nokia is a huge international company. Many of my coworkers were living in Silicon Valley. That has given me a lot of knowledge about international business. I also have broad experience with managing, operating and designing AWS.

Henry: Working in gas stations and student organizations gave me good people skills. It’s important for a consultant.

Sami: That’s true. Especially working in Silicon Valley taught me a lot about small talk.

Henry: I can imagine that it’s important with Americans. We Finns could work together without talking (haha).

Sami and Henry, Makers at  Cybercom 

Sami: I also learnt good English, which is useful because I have customers in Sweden and a lot of coworkers who are not Finnish.

Sami and Henry, Makers at  Cybercom 

What is your biggest strength when it comes to AWS?

Henry: It’s to understand AWS in wider perspective. You can always check details from manuals, but it’s important to know how many different services and features AWS has. I’m also one of the few people in Finland who’s specialized in video streaming using AWS and other technologies.

Sami: My skill is to understand the whole AWS from architecture to best practices and how to utilize that with customers. I also understand the characteristics and demands of telecommunications, which has been helpful.

Sami and Henry, Makers at  Cybercom 

How has Cybercom supported your professional growth?

Henry: I’ve learnt everything in Cybercom. I knew some programming languages and mechanisms of data security, but I didn’t have any courses of cloud technology in the university. I think that my age is my benefit: I’m so young that I haven’t gotten stuck on old practices. I hopped on the cloud service train right away.

Sami: I’ve acquired deeper knowledge on many things like architecture, best practices and customers. It’s important to constantly develop your skills to stay relevant.

Henry: Cybercom supports professional development and pays for courses. It’s everyone’s own responsibility to take the time. I usually study intensively between customers. But every project is like a unique butterfly that needs special kind of AWS technology. That requires constant learning.

Sami and Henry, Makers at  Cybercom 

What’s the best thing about your colleague?

Sami: Henkka is better at coding. I work more in technical presales or architectural validation and less hands-on.

Sami and Henry, Makers at  Cybercom 

Henry: I’ve never seen him in action with customers but I’m sure he knows how to woo them. He has a lot of technical experience that gives him confidence. We are the ones doing the “real work”.

Sami and Henry, Makers at  Cybercom 

Sami: Yes, I’m the one focusing on handwaving and Power Points (haha).