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Meet Tarmo – one of Cybercom’s Makers of tomorrow

Tarmo Pajunen is one of Cybercom’s Makers of tomorrow. As a child, he tried to build his own laser and still love to experiment in hackathons building IoT solutions.

So Tarmo, have you always been a Maker?

I think a lot of people would call me a geek actually. I got my first computer when I was five years old and tried to program simple mathematic training apps with my father. As I grew up, the interest for all things tech just grew and I even built a chemistry lab in my basement where we tried to create anything from argon lasers to hydrogen powered moped engines. I brought this kind of curiosity into my professional life and especially now in my role as Head of IoT/Industrial competence area in Finland.

You have created something cool called Machinebook, what is that?

We were tasked to come up with a solution for communicating with connected machines on a factory floor. Our idea was simple - imagine that you connect all machines and people in the factory and make them all “friends” in a social media interface like Facebook. Everyone can now interact and communicate using the familiar feed interface. A machine could for example say that a specific component soon needs to be replaced and a manager could quickly respond and dispatch an order to the purchasing department, minimizing factory downtime.

What are the most important learnings from this project?

One really important thing was how we put the team together. One of us was the business guy, one was an expert of UX and one had the deep technology competence on how to interface with machines. Together we were able to quickly build this solution since we had all the competences necessary in one, small knit team.

For you, what is a Maker of tomorrow?

For me a Maker is someone who really tries to innovate on behalf of the clients instead of only building exactly what is specified in an RFP. It is about challenging the customer and push solutions forward all the time. I try to do this every day together with the colleagues in my team.

Ok Tarmo, so what is your dream project?

Actually, when I dream about what we could do in the future, I do not necessarily think of massive, big shot projects. I rather think about small, really clever solutions that could make a big impact on society, on people, or on the environment. Because that’s what matters in the end – the impact that we create.