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Executive Leadership Team

Since July 1, Cybercom is part of Knowit.

Knowit was founded in 1990 and, following the acquisition of Cybercom on July 1, 2021, has around 3,800 employees, mainly in the Nordic countries, but also in Poland and Germany. The merger with Cybercom has created new opportunities to take on larger and more complex assignments, primarily within the industry, tech, and telecom sectors. In addition, an even stronger platform is created, from which we offer digital solutions to the sustainability challenges of society.

For more information see knowit.eu External link.

Niklas Flyborg, CEO Cybercom Group

Niklas Flyborg
President and CEO Cybercom Group
Born 1962
Degree in Economics and Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics
With Cybercom since: 2012
Previous: Mandator, Cell Network, Observer/Cision, Capgemini.

Richard Brolin, Cybercom

Richard Brolin
General Counsel Cybercom Group
Born 1973
LL.M. University of Stockholm, Sweden
With Cybercom since: 2018
Previous: Sandart & Partners law firm, Kamera Interactive, af Petersens law firm, SunGard Data Systems Inc., Openlink Financial LLC.

Tapio Koivisto, Cybercom 

Tapio Koivisto
Head of Cybercom Finland
Born 1980
B. Sc. Media Technology, Metropolia Helsinki
With Cybercom since: 2004
Previous: Alma Media, Andritz.

Dennis Lundqvist, Cybercom

Dennis Lundkvist
CIO Cybercom Group
Born 1976
M.Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Royal Institue of Technology
With Cybercom since: 2016
Previous: ÅF AB, Epsilon AB.

Annika Nordlander, Cybercom

Annika Nordlander
Head of Cybercom Sweden
Born 1959
Systems Engineering, Mid Sweden University
With Cybercom since: 2014
Previous: Ericsson, Fujitsu, Merkantildata, DFind IT, Proffice.

Bo Strömqvist, Cybercom

Bo Strömqvist
Head of Sales Cybercom Group
Born 1964
Bachelor Degree in System Analysis, Linköping University and Washington State University
With Cybercom since: 2012
Previous: Rational Software, IBM, TDC, Cision, Enea.

Eva Strömer, Cybercom

Eva Strömer
CFO Cybercom Group
Born 1973
Master of Finance and Business Administration, Uppsala University
With Cybercom since: 2020
Previous: Deloitte, McKinsey & Company, Connecta, Telia.

Linda Westlund, Cybercom

Linda Westlund
Head of HR Cybercom Group
Born 1978
BS in Human Resource Management, Mid Sweden University
With Cybercom since: 2014
Previous: Uniflex Bemanning, Mistat AB.